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Monica MahonNovember 17, 2023
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ecosphere Days 2023 in Vienna, Austria brought so many valuable insights. It was ecosphere use cases in marketing, sales, and product material creation in vast quantities. Plus, there were more exciting discussions around there pre- launch of censhare Cloud.

You'll have to read it to get it all, but we prepared a few highlights for you.

ecosphere Days 2023 Recap

Here’s what was covered.

The event kicked off with censhare’s CEO, Tobias Ackermann, speaking about the future. He covered the journey of the business and the industry, along with where it’s all headed with the unique platform and capabilities.

Following that, Dr. Christoph Bauer, CEO of Dumont, explained the marketing excellence loop and where censhare plays a critical role. He also covered martech and what to expect in the not-so-distant future – and what this means for industries at large.

Katie Teman, Product Manager at BEGA, took the stage and presented a use case around the implementation of censhare. The company needed a PIM, DAM, and print capabilities. Katie covered the need - Technical info accuracy on SWOT analysis, revision control, process time, and remote work readiness. censhare was able to address these needs and brought the results that were sought after.

Following the use case, Guenther Kreuzpaintner, General Manager at CONVOTIS GmbH, discussed the importance and benefits of running managed services through AWS. He highlighted the upsides of adding censhare to the business offering, and the value that it brings to their customers.

The next speaker was Marmind’s Managing Director, Patrick Moser, who gave his take on the daily challenges of marketing teams - and how Marketing Resource Management (MRM), coupled with censhare, under United Marketing Technologies, helps create the ultimate solution. He focused on why an MRM is an ROI powerhouse.

After that, Matthias Wesselmann, CEO of ENGN, presented the dynamics of the modern world and ever-changing landscape that businesses face. He covered the importance of clean data and AI, making the path forward more clear for attendees.

Anticipation built as Chick-fil-A’s Anthony Faucette, Principle, Marketing Technology, and Julie Adams, Brand Strategy, Advertising & Media were next on stage with Sarah Iskander, CEO of GateB. They discussed how Chick-fil-A was able to consolidate their systems with GateB, using censhare’s solution of Dynamic Templating.

Marianne Gram, Publishing Director of Egmont Publishing, made her way to the stage and offered a pleasant analogy about the content being sweet cherries. She shared insights into how censhare allowed robust volumes of content within the platform, aiding in both storage and distribution.

Next up? Richard Lauterkranz, CEO of lauterkranz cross media support, took the spotlight to examine how he is transforming translation efficiency with the help of censhare. This engaging speaker explored the technical processes of the software and presented real-life examples of how the translation system integrates with censhare to ensure effective and accurate translations.

It was then time to hear from Sascha Kämmerer, Marketing Technology Specialist at R+V Allgemeine Versicherung AG. He explored the perfect collaboration between censhare and MPP.360, and how their combined strength perfected the production of their omnichannel marketing collateral and digital workflows. Together with Tim Ende-Styra, Director of Business Development at MPP.360 GmbH, discussed how they, together, were able to deliver sales material at three times the rate and reduce costs by 60%. What a fantastic result!

Then Nilu Mallory from Dorling Kindersley (DK) took the stage to talk about automating content rights management. It was a captivating presentation, especially considering DK's global reach – selling in over 100 countries and publishing in more than 65 languages. They're a giant in publishing, not just a big name! As legislation evolves, the publishing landscape is becoming more dynamic. We learned how DK, with the help of censhare, is at the forefront of revolutionizing content rights management, shaping the future of publishing.

Next up, Susanne Pilgram, Head CIO Global IM Content Comms Platforms at UBS, shared her insights on how they seamlessly pull together product inventory, content, legal text and other assets for both product sales and aftersales materials. It was an eye-opener into the strategic process behind automated content production for investment mandates within Global Wealth Management, embedded in an omnichannel environment. Powered by censhare’s flexible capabilities, this session was a deep dive into a case study of seamless, impactful content production and distribution in the digital age.

After, Detlef Rank, Director Consultant Management at RATIONAL AG, along with Moritz Speckamp, CEO of Savotex, introduced us to a complex price calculator powered by censhare PIM, a tool that has revolutionized the customer experience during the sales cycle. This session highlighted how RATIONAL uses censhare to efficiently manage complex projects globally in over 6 languages. Using censhare, they showed how pricing strategies are being redefined, and customer interactions are being enhanced. It was a pleasure to listen to this riveting talk!

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censhare’s Milestones

Alexander Röthinger also gave us a recap of our recent product development milestones and a view into censhare Cloud and the new release features. It was the perfect second day to an eventful couple of days, filled with insights, innovations, and forward-thinking strategies. And we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

It’s a Wrap

We want to extend a huge thank you to everyone who joined us at ecosphere Days 2023 in Vienna.

A special thank you to our excellent host, Josh Van Dyk! His humor and wit kept us smiling all day.

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To our customers – your energy and engagement made this event truly special. Your insights, conversations, and collaboration are what drive us forward. We're grateful for your participation and can't wait to see what we'll achieve together in the future. Until next time, thank you for making this summit a remarkable success.

Special thanks to our event partners:

AWS, CONVOTIS, United Marketing Technologies, and MARMIND

See you next year!

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Monica Mahon
Monica Machon is the Marketing Manager for censhare US. She has been working in marketing for 15 years, overseeing marketing functions and helping SaaS companies design and execute marketing strategies, events, and promotional activities, while enhancing brand positioning and impacting revenue goals.

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