Digital Metamorphosis Overview: Insights from Handelskraft Conference 2024

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Eden BrillMarch 20, 2024
  • Digital Asset Management

In the heart of Leipzig, Germany, the Handelskraft Conference 2024, organized by censhare’s partner dotSource, illuminated the path towards digital transformation.

Over two days of captivating discussions, and industry experts diving into the dynamic landscapes of B2B.

censhare’s team was there, sharing industry insights, diving deeper into use cases and providing demos for businesses interested in digitalization in 2024.


All attendees of the event were treated to innovative keynotes and sessions, triggering reflections on the evolving terrain of digitalization.

The conference primarily centered around embracing change with courage and foresight. Lars Sudmann's compelling opening keynote set the tone, emphasizing the imperative of not just thinking innovatively within existing frameworks but daring to explore uncharted territories.

Kai Hudetz's insights from the ECC KÖLN study underscored the importance of anticipating future trends and challenges, urging participants to proactively shape tomorrow's realities.

One of the key takeaways resonating from the event was the urgent need to cultivate digital resilience in today's rapidly evolving landscape. The discussions underscored the necessity of acquiring AI skills, navigating Digital Experience Platforms (DXP) adeptly, and implementing Composable Commerce strategies. Additionally, modern leadership principles emerged as a crucial pillar for driving organizational success amidst complex projects and shifting paradigms.

Amidst the abundance of insights, a prevailing message echoed: trust in teams and foster an environment conducive to innovation. Thomas Grabe's illuminating discourse at Ottobock highlighted the importance of empowering teams regardless of geographical boundaries, fostering collaboration and creativity.

Christoph Weidemann's motivational presentation at the Leipzig trade fair underscored the importance of forward-thinking, urging attendees to envision and develop products that resonate with future needs.

Katrin-Cécile Ziegler's reflections urged participants to embrace foreign technologies, recognizing them not as threats but as opportunities for collaboration and co-creation. By engaging with emerging technologies, organizations can position themselves at the forefront of innovation, driving meaningful change in their industries.

One thing remains clear: digital metamorphosis is underway, and those who dare to embrace change will emerge as leaders in the digital age. The insights garnered from Handelskraft Conference 2024 serve as guiding beacons, illuminating the path forward in an age defined by constant evolution and transformation.

In conclusion, Handelskraft Conference 2024 was a testament to collaboration in navigating the complexities of digitalization. As attendees return to their respective endeavors, armed with newfound insights and perspectives, they carry with them the torch of innovation, poised to shape a future defined by resilience, creativity, and boundless possibility.

See you next year!

Eden Brill
Eden Brill is the Marketing Coordinator for censhare with a focus on the European regions. Based in Switzerland, she joined the censhare team in 2023 after many years of marketing experience in various industries, including advertising, healthcare and media production. Her interests lie in the implementation of marketing strategies and events, as well as in improving global brand positioning.

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