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Monica MahonNovember 17, 2023
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On the 7th and 8th of November, we kicked off our Partner Summit 23, and what a start it was! We had a record number of partners and companies join us this year – and yes, it was packed! Each session was as full of insights as the hall was with people. Talk about a successful gathering.

We looked into the cloud pre-launch and our partner's 1st go-to-market strategy. It was all about being smart and savvy in the cloud solutions reality. And let us tell you, the censhare AI use cases we explored? Absolutely mind-blowing!

Partner Summit: Day One

Tobias Ackermann, our new CEO, started the conference with his visions for our journey ahead and what to expect in censhare’s future – including the AI Era. He also mentioned the Partner Advisory Board initiative that shapes the future of censhare. A partner-centric approach combined with constructive criticism is essential, Tobias mentioned.

His insights set the stage for an event brimming with inspiration and knowledge. It was like getting a front-row seat to the future of censhare!

Partners’ collaboration and performance were also covered in the next presentation – this time, by Marcus Schiewe, CRO of censhare. He mentioned joint engagement, onboarding, positioning, and delivering, as pillars of partnerships.

Raphael Laqueur, Project Manager at Savotex, and Nico Massenberg, Consulting & PM at Savotex, showcased extending classic censhare use cases, and how to integrate other software and technologies with censhare. It is exciting to see the ChatGPT-Connector or DeepL-Connector in action! You can work with them to investigate your customers' use cases together.

Alexander Röthinger, our CTO, broke down the what, why, and how of a new game-changing platform – censhare Cloud. It combines censhare with modern, cloud-native integration and extension capabilities, and that’s not all! It enhances censhare that you know with a cloud-native stack, leveraging existing standards, projects, and technologies. It’s a pure SaaS offering, with a new pricing model and SLAs. Exciting times ahead!

Alexander highlighted that our priority is on smooth transitioning, with no forced upgrades, but safeguarding investments and tight collaboration with our partners. This new chapter in the censhare history comes into life on January 18th, 2024, when it comes into general availability, with a special webinar on the release being held.

Another joint presentation came from Matt Simpson, Solution Consultant at censhare, and Dan Rowe, Managing Director at Team6ix consulting. They shared their experiences with the partner enablement process, and success in practice with a real sales opportunity. They went into the onboarding of Team6ix and the joint pre-sales and discovery process for a customer.

Among the key takeaways, they highlighted combining product knowledge with practicalities and a story of how this can be brought to life and establishing continuous feedback loops to adapt and improve the collaboration process. What is the outcome of this partnership? A strong proposal that went above and beyond implementation.

Andy Austin, US-based partner at We Can and former Retail Director at 2200 AT&T Stores, and Rachid Ven Kaddour, Lead Consultant at We Can, redefined ROI by taking shoppers’ into the equation.

Consumers care about the WHY more than the WHAT, so content-based interaction is essential nowadays. We Can managed to show the role of censhare in this process.

Guenther Kreuzpaintner, General Manager at CONVOTIS, along with Angela Puchner, Senior Project Manager at CONVOTIS, mentioned why it’s beneficial to run on AWS, why Managed Services Team might come in handy in business, and what their Shared Responsibility Model means. Within our official partnership, CONVOTIS has been running censhare on AWS since 2014, with more than 40 projects in Americas, Europe & Asia. Surely this speaks volumes about their ability to implement censhare successfully, doesn't it?

Christoph Weiss, Managing Director at Jung von Matt CREATORS, showed how they challenged creative processes, pushing boundaries, and redefining limits by embracing AI technologies. As Christoph observed, AI is making us bigger, better, faster & stronger. He covered the technicalities of their own AI model using LAION-5 AESTHETIC, too – with many prompts, integrations, and action items. What’s really extremely impressive is that they can train new concepts or products within three hours, using rough 3D data or existing materials.

We finished the first day with a recap from Pieter Stroop van Renen, VP of Sales in Europe at censhare (along with Tobias Ackermann), and we wrapped the day up with…

Partner Awards

We celebrated our #PartnerAwards2023 in style, and this year, the awards went out to…

2023.11.09 censhare Hilton @ ProFilms by Kevin Hackner e.U. (68 of 72).jpg

Big congratulations to:

  • gateB – Partner of the Year 2023,
  • SAVOTEX – Customer Service Partner of the Year 2023,
  • We Can – New Partner of the Year 2023

for their outstanding achievements. It was a day to remember, honoring these incredible collaborations – which censhare is extremely proud of!

Partner Summit: Day 2

Our appetite for more was only whetted by a very successful Day One. Gerhard Kragl, Managing Director, and Paul Polak, Director - Sales & Business Alliances at MARMIND, brought censhare x MARMIND alliance closer, showing how integrations and workflows can coexist and deliver great results. UNITED is a strong group of highly specialized and successful marketing technology companies. With facelift, censhare, artegic and MARMIND, four established, fast-growing MarTech brands form the core of the Group. With a variety of use cases presented, there was definitely something for everyone in the audience!

Then, censhare’s Roberto Sottile and Tomas Martini, wowed everyone with a live demo on building custom AI use cases in under 30 minutes – and without writing a single line of code.

Matt Gibbs, Director Global Operations at censhare, and Raymond Groos, Director Global Solution Consulting at censhare gave us the lowdown on the next steps in partner enablement. All of that together illustrated censhare’s current power, as well as its potential for business operations in the future.

Shannon DeLoach, Partnerships & Alliances at censhare, along with Chris Leaman, VP Solution Architecture at EMMsphere, discussed Lands' End's journey with censhare and how their deliberate integration strategy is enhancing efficiency by extending the capabilities of their DAM.

Mikael Bossel, Senior Solutions Designer at Columbus, took the audience through the real-life solutions they implemented to transform marketing operations and enhance productivity for CHILI Publish. Mikael showcased streamling and automating marketing operations, starting from the planning phase all the way to creating briefs. He also mentioned that marketing issues are often opportunities.

Dr. Christoph Bauer, Chief Executive Officer at DuMont showed us how he’s leading the UNITED Marketing Technologies Group, by DuMont, towards being Europe's next Martech champion. As he described it, the goal is: UNITED will be the leader in providing technology for marketing excellence.

We finished the second day – and the entire Partner Summit – with a short recap that was only the beginning to further networking!

Thank You to our partners

It wouldn't have been possible without our partners!

Our sincere thank you goes out to AWS, CONVOTIS, United Marketing Technologies, and MARMIND.

Thank you for being with us!

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Monica Mahon
Monica Machon is the Marketing Manager for censhare US. She has been working in marketing for 15 years, overseeing marketing functions and helping SaaS companies design and execute marketing strategies, events, and promotional activities, while enhancing brand positioning and impacting revenue goals.

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