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"Ask Me Anything” about Personalization – Econsultancy Digital Therapy Thursday

I was sweating, and not just because we had to turn off the air conditioning on one of the hottest days this summer. I was about to go live on an “ask me anything” video stream in front of hundreds of Econsultancy subscribers.

It was time for the highly popular Econsultancy Digital Therapy Thursday , where guest speakers are positioned as digital doctors and answer ‘patient’ questions on live on air.

This particular Thursday we were to “explore the challenging issues surrounding personalization and relevant content, attempting to provide some pointed relief from long-tolerated personalization pains”, and the topic turned out to be a hot one!

The session’s host, Chris Chapman , Head of Live Content at Econsultancy, got the ball rolling with a few questions to the panellists but his tablet was soon buzzing with a queue of questions from a highly-engaged Econsultancy audience.

I was joined on the sofa by Andrew Warren-Payne , Industry Analyst and Content Partner at Econsultancy, and after setting out to speak about the implications of personalization on content management the session soon took on more of a “ask me anything” approach.

Starting with a really good conversation about “data versus creative”, what quickly followed was almost a dozen questions covering various subjects including questions about B2B and B2C personalization scenarios, GDPR, segmentation strategies and the teams necessary to make personalization happen.

The team at Econsultancy has produced a rather nice report from the session that you can download (for free) here , and there is even a video available on Vimeo:

Ian Truscott Ian Truscott

Ian Truscott has the unofficial and honory title of the “Träger des Firmen-Megaphons” for censhare, bringing 20 years of B2B software experience to our company (surely starting as a child) to lead marketing here. Luckily for us in the Munich office, he’s found the kettle and some tea bags – look at him, he’s happy.