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How a Semantic Network is the Future of Digital Asset Management

censhare Whitepaper

With the speed of the evolution of technology how do you know if your software is on the right trajectory? The truth is that traditional databases that most software currently runs on is fine for now, but in five to ten years will be obsoleted by NoSQL databases such as a Semantic Database.

A true enterprise level database that creates relationships with ALL of your assets rather than just what the platform recognizes through file structures is absolutely necessary for the future. Ease of use, intuitiveness, practicality, and, above all, speed is what will keep not only your creative team, but also your product team competitive.

A Semantic Database is aimed at datasets that are geared at dealing with more content, more campaigns, more difficult localization and translations, and more distribution channels that connect your brand to more people.

Download our WhitepaperHow a Semantic Network is the Future of Digital Asset Managementto learn the benefits of this amazing technology.

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