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December 10, 2013

censhare provides everything necessary for the planning, control and monitoring of content production. An important item of information for monitoring is supplied by the Worst-Workflow status, for instance for an issue. With censhare 4.8, this status may be calculated individually for various asset structures such as E-books or issues.

Calculation of the Worst-Workflow status

censhare provides everything necessary for the definition of complex workflows. This begins with the planning of an edition, through the creation of content such as text, images or videos and on to the release process or the print preparation. To monitor the workflows, those responsible must be see to see the respective status at a glance. From the workflow status of a step they recognize how far the production is advanced. The Worst-Workflow status shows the status of the asset(s) in an asset structure, which is/are lagging the furthest behind in production. With censhare 4.8 the Worst-Workflow status may not only be calculated for issues or layouts, but for any kind of asset structure.

The Worst-Workflow status for the layout is red, because the progress for the red display is the lowest

The colors associated with the workflow status, for example red, yellow and green, show the current status at a glance. The color of the Worst-Workflow status depends on the status of the associated Asset.

A responsible person can thereby oversee the production of an E-book, for example, with a quick glance. If the Worst-Workflow status indicates that something is not alright, the responsible individual can quickly tell from the colors which chapter is responsible. From there they go deeper until the corresponding asset is found (Drill-Down).

Customer benefits

  • Flexible definition of workflows for the control of production
  • Definition of workflow status for a representation of production progress covering all workflows
  • Assignment of different rights for different workflow status
  • Worst-Workflow-Status indicates whether condition of production is critical
  • Different calculation of Worst-Workflow status for different asset structures such as issues or E-books

Application case

  • Definition of workflows configured for a publisher, a corporate publisher, marketing department of a company or for commerce
  • Extension of the Worst-Workflow calculation for various asset structures such as E-books or asset variants for translations

Worst-Workflow status individually calculable

censhare offers a high degree of freedom in the definition of workflows and workflow status. An almost unlimited number of workflows with steps can be defined. Each workflow step is assigned a workflow status. These too can be freely defined in censhare by a company. Here, colors help to recognize the significance at a glance.

Each asset in censhare can be associated by a user, if they have the rights for this, to a workflow as well as the next workflow step and target. The latter may be an individual user or a group such as Layout. As soon as they are set as workflow target, the asset appears in their task list.

The workflow status is quickly recognizable for a single asset, particularly if colors are allocated to it. With an asset structure, however, it is not always immediately visible. This is why censhare calculates the Worst-Workflow status for an asset and subordinate assets.

With censhare 4.8, a company can specify individually for particular asset structures which links censhare follows for the calculation. For an edition, for example, these are planning and placement. For a translation project for various regions and languages, these could be the different variants of an asset.

Filters allow a restriction on the assets taken into account. An XSL style sheet contains the corresponding XSLT commands for the calculation. The concrete requirements may be implemented within a customer project.

Simple configurationn

The configuration of the Worst-Workflow takes place over a module in censhare The module "Workflow-Status 2“ points to an XSL style sheet for the calculation of the Worst-Workflow status.

The Resource Asset Key indicates which style sheet is used for the calculation. This must be stored as an asset of type module/transformation. The style sheet delivered with censhare follows links of type Placed and Planning.

The previous version for calculating the Worst-Workflow status remains available under the module "Workflow-Status".

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