Why Personalization Should Be Seen as an Opportunity, Not a Challenge

The days of one message for your entire audience might be over. But those who embrace technology will find personalization an opportunity.

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censhare Editorial TeamMarch 7, 2017
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The days of delivering one message to entire audiences via mass marketing are long gone. With multiple channels sharing information about your brand and an increasingly diverse, globalized consumer base, content marketing must be tailored to resonate with a variety of different needs and preferences. Collaboration among content marketers using a single platform to deliver personalized messages to global audiences is now necessary for success. By having a single source solution you are able to more easily control your messaging and ensure that the right message gets delivered to the right group.

Combatting growing complexity

Effective personalization of content marketing remains a challenge; 85 percent of marketers believe their audience is too broad and nearly one half feel their current technology is a major obstacle in understanding target customers. The difficulties are muddled even further by thousands of options to create and send marketing messages from social media, email campaigns and more. The digital landscape has opened the doors for stiffer competition, more brands can now engage with potential customers on a variety of devices 24-hours a day.

Experienced content marketers know they must connect with consumers to drive conversion numbers, enjoy better ROI and gain vital trust in a crowded room. Yet how does a company keep up with an ever-changing audience expecting personalized content from their favorite brands?

Taking a unified approach

The answer is a single platform to deliver content marketing that brings together your copywriters, social media gurus and other marketers to collaborate on highly targeted campaigns addressing everything from localization to tracking engagement. Why spend countless hours creating strategies for different digital assets and channels when workflows can be automated and streamlined with one piece of software? Avoid the pitfalls of learning different processes, aligning strategies and scheduling redundant meetings when a single tool can help mold marketing messages to fit countless personas around the world.

Meeting customer needs

You already know personalization is important, but consider the fact 86% of consumers also think it plays a significant role in their purchasing decisions and well over half pay more for a brand providing a personalized experience. Yet barely 50% of digital marketers consider it to be critical to their game plan. With preferences from consumers heavily weighted towards personalization, however, it shouldn’t simply be a nice addition to an existing marketing plan - it’s a must-have for any modern company to implement across all channels and devices.

Deep-dive personalization

Consumers value having access to a variety of channels to research your brand and making important purchasing decisions. Speaking to these individuals on a person-to-person basis to build trust and grow conversions should be the centerpiece of your marketing plan. By utilizing a single platform to generate, send and track marketing messages across all channels, the ability to personalize content and work efficiently is greatly enhanced - giving companies a chance to reach and convert more people than ever before.

The days of one message for your entire audience might be over, but with the change in messaging also comes an advance in technology. Those who embrace the technology will find personalization not so much a challenge but an opportunity.

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censhare Editorial Team

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