How Video Asset Management Helps Your Company

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Monica MahonAugust 25, 2023
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On average, people spend more than 1 hour 30 minutes watching videos every single day.

How can you make sure that your video content and other digital assets make up for the most of this number in the life of a typical content consumer?

There's something really helpful called a Video Asset Management System (VAMS).

It's a special tool that can make your company's videos much better. It helps you put your videos in order, keep them safe, and so much more.

Let's see how a reliable VAM software can completely revolutionize your video content strategy and its results.

What is a video asset management VAM system?

A Video Asset Management System (VAMS) is a software solution designed to help individuals, businesses, and organizations manage and organize their video content efficiently. It provides tools and features that make it possible for users to upload, store, categorize, search, retrieve, edit, and distribute video files in a streamlined manner. VAMS is particularly useful for industries that deal with a large volume of video content, such as media and entertainment, marketing, education, corporate communications, and more.

Who should use a video asset management solution?

A wide range of professionals needs video asset management software:

Content creators & social media manager

People who make videos, like vloggers, YouTubers, and filmmakers, can use it to keep track of their creations and easily share them. What's more, people managing social media projects for brands may use it to schedule and share videos across different platforms. As such, they get to maintain a consistent online presence.

Businesses and marketers

Your company could decide to use a VAM to manage your promotional videos, ads, and marketing campaigns. This way, it's easy to make sure that everything looks professional and is quick to find. For instance, your sales and marketing teams could benefit from such a solution.

Educators and trainers

If you're a teacher or a trainer, video asset management systems can help you store educational videos and training materials. This can empower the way you share knowledge with your students.

Media and entertainment

TV stations, film studios, and media companies can organize their vast collection of videos, making production and distribution smoother with a dedicated VAM solution.

Corporate communications

Manage internal communication videos, like announcements or training sessions, becomes effortless for large organizations thanks to a powerful tool. As a result, they can keep everyone in the loop on what's happening.

Event organizers

Those planning events can use video asset management tools to keep videos of past events. When they do so, they can hope for better preparation for future ones, as well as share their highlights.

Benefits of a video asset management system

Now that you know who takes advantage from VAM tools, let's look more deeply into what the exact benefits could be for you:

#1 Organize your videos

A video asset management system empowers your company to systematically arrange all video assets. At the same time, it parallels the organizational approach you take with important business documents. This systematic categorization ensures that your video resources are logically structured and easily retrievable for seamless use.

#2 Find videos quickly

With the implementation of VAM practices, your business gains the ability to swiftly locate specific videos using tailored keywords. This rapid access to videos accelerates decision-making processes and supports you in operational efficiency.

#3 No more lost videos

In the same vein that you implement secure storage measures for critical business data, a VAM solution functions as a safeguard against the loss or neglect of valuable video content. This level of assurance underscores the significance of preserving your video assets to maintain a robust video content strategy.

#4 Work together easily

Collaborative project management of video assets within your company mirrors the synchronized efforts you encourage among your teams. A VAM tool facilitates collaborative access, editing, and contribution to video content. And as a result, you get to reflect your commitment to efficient teamwork and a unified approach in business endeavors.

#5 Keep videos safe

Just as you may prioritize data security to protect sensitive business information, VAM practices ensure the safety of your video assets from unforeseen disruptions. You can reinforce your dedication to maintaining the integrity of all your valuable resources.

#6 Share online easily

A VAM tool facilitates the effortless sharing of videos across multiple online platforms. This streamlined approach to online video distribution may align with your objective of maintaining a consistent and engaging online presence.

#7 Know what's popular

Understanding customer preferences is a vital element of maintaining a high customer satisfaction. If that's your goal, you need to use a VAM tool as it empowers you to gain insights into the most favored videos. This way it's easy to stay up to date with audience expectations.

#8 Save time

The importance of timely business operations extends to video content management. With effective VAM strategies, you can streamline the process of locating and sharing videos.

#9 Make your videos better

Just as you make investments in refining your business processes, VAM solutions equip you with tools for video enhancement and editing. This capacity to elevate the quality of your videos will align with your commitment to excellence across all business levels.

Best video asset management software

So, are you ready to reap off these perks? Then be ready to add a new tool into your tool stack.

 video asset management software example

censhare excels as the top choice for video asset management practices. It serves as a central hub for effortlessly managing video assets alongside other digital files.

We believe it proves invaluable for various needs, from video creation to storage, especially for large video files.

This video management software offers seamless integration with different tools, serving the needs of marketing and sales teams effectively.

It streamlines teamwork and enhances content quality. Renowned names like BSH and Lands' End testify to its success in transforming marketing and sales processes.

If you're seeking a powerful content marketing tool to optimize video production process, store, and share videos across formats, censhare is your solution.

Accessible. Usable. Powerful.

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Bring every image, video, document and file under complete control and always have access to the latest assets. Automating content production and data provisioning enables you to eliminate the human errors often involved in managing translations, variants, targeting and other time-consuming and costly tasks. It’s the help your teams need to produce more, faster. It’s how you can respond rapidly to new market opportunities with accurate, brand consistent content. It’s how you deliver the flawless experiences your customers expect in every channel they use.

What we offer:

  • Central hub:Censhare acts as a digital command center for all your video assets and other digital files, making it a breeze to manage everything in one place.
  • Effortless management: you can easily handle your videos from creation to storage, especially if you're dealing with large video file formats.
  • Integration harmony:Censhare smoothly connects with different tools, which is awesome for teams working in marketing and sales. It's like having all your tools play nicely together in a sandbox.
  • Teamwork champion:it's great for collaboration, making teamwork as smooth as peanut butter. No more chasing emails – everything's in one spot.
  • Quality boost:not just storage, Censhare offers tools to help you jazz up your videos. It's like having a magic wand to sprinkle some stardust on your content.
  • Impressive track record:big names like BSH and Lands' End give Censhare two thumbs up for transforming their marketing and sales processes. It's like the winning play in their content playbook.

Censhare in numbers:

  • 350+ customers globally
  • 30+ trusted partners
  • 230+ inhouse experts
  • 20 years in business
  • 24/7 support

Get in touch for a demo today.

Reviews: 4.8/5 on Gartner

Media asset management made easy

So, if you want your company's videos to be awesome and easy to use, think about using a Video Asset Management System.

It's like a superhero for your videos. It helps you find them quickly, keep them safe, and make them even better.

With cool options like censhare available, you can make your videos look and feel amazing.

Don't miss out on this chance to make your videos rock – check out a VAM system today!

Monica Machon Headshot.JPG
Monica Mahon
Monica Machon is the Marketing Manager for censhare US. She has been working in marketing for 15 years, overseeing marketing functions and helping SaaS companies design and execute marketing strategies, events, and promotional activities, while enhancing brand positioning and impacting revenue goals.

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