A Streamlined Look for Content Management

Thousands of stories and even more images – Slimming World needed to organize, and make a mass of information accessible across the company. Learn how it moved into a truly efficient, cross-functional multichannel asset management organization.

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Morag Cuddeford-JonesJune 30, 2021
  • Digital Asset Management

Hugely successful weight management brand, Slimming World, has helped millions of people shed kilos in the UK since 1969. So it’s ironic that the company just kept bulking up when it came to organizing its information and assets.

With thousands of success stories to share, even more images to control from 20 years of magazines and book publishing, and a need to be able to manage a wealth of user generated content, there was a mass of information that needed to be organized, refreshed, and made accessible across the company.

To learn how Slimming World moved into a truly efficient, cross-functional multichannel asset management organization, read its success story which reveals how the company:

  • organized its assets to be shared seamlessly across departments
  • implemented project management in place to speed up task allocation, reducing admin from several hours to a couple of minutes
  • creates print and digital marketing assets simultaneously, rather than copying one to the other.

Among a portfolio of notable achievements, Slimming World succeeded in using censhare’s platform to reduce design planning time for its books by a staggering 99%, and achieved its goal of truly uniting the company’s content in one system where assets (images, recipes, products, success stories, etc.) are tagged, searchable, and usable is well under way.

James Naylor, Group Publishing Systems Manager for Slimming World, has stated that this this is just the start of Slimming World’s exploration into how best it can use censhare.

To understand how else the company transformed its process and a hear a little on its plans for the near future, have a look at the full case study here.

Morag Cuddeford-Jones
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