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The print publishing industry is very dynamic and digitalization can be key to survival. But how do publishers do more than just staying afloat? Some solutions not only support publishers in staying afloat, but also allow them to transform and thrive.

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Lucy Campbell-WoodwardJuly 29, 2020
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The print publishing industry is fast paced, and the digitalization of this sector, is no exception. In fact, it can be argued that it is of utmost importance to the survival of publishing and media houses. There are solutions out there which not only support publishers in staying afloat, but also allow them to transform and thrive. I take a look at the benefits felt by one such publisher in the health care sector, who took on its digital transformation a good while ago.

I think you’ll agree that there’s nothing more important than the highest standards of care when it comes to people’s health. We want to know that the individuals tasked with delivering that care have access to the best and latest information, so they can take the most effective decisions on our behalf.

Health professionals still rely heavily on articles, papers and textbooks – whether in print or online – to keep their knowledge up to date. Those pieces have to be meticulously put together, with large tomes checked and then double checked again, before being released.

F.A. Davis is one such medical specialist publisher taking on the burden of producing vital resources for medical professionals. From its foundations nearly 140 years ago in Philadelphia, the company is still producing 50 textbooks a year with a core team of 140 employees. As some manuscripts can take nine months to produce after editorial approval and can run to thousands of pages, it’s a labour intensive process.

But despite this challenge, the publisher has managed to streamline processes and automate some operations that frees its workforce to focus on quality of content without being over stretched.

To find out how such a detail oriented company has managed this, read its censhare customer success story which reveals:

  • Keep control of rights issues, to make sure teams have the correct asset in the right place with the full approvals in place, reducing hundreds of hours spent trawling through files each month.
  • Added a modern solution to systems and technologies built up over the company’s 140-year heritage.

Gradual implementation and increased visibility has saved the company up to $200 per image, and increased asset capabilities fivefold. It has also eliminated 100s of hours of routine tasks through automation. Now that is some serious food for thought! You can read the detailed success story here.

Lucy Campbell-Woodward
Lucy is Head of Marketing for censhare, and leads the global team in the aligned planning and implementation of censhare's marekting strategy. Having joined the team in 2017, Lucy has played a pivotal role in the censhare Marketing team for a good few years now, and stepped up into a leadership role in 2022.

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