Keeping Your Brand On Top & Under Control

Centralized content management is helping large organizations to maintain and excel their brand on an international scale. We share a whitepaper explaining the why an how of best practice brand management.

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Lucy Campbell-WoodwardMay 1, 2020
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The phrase ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ is never truer when it comes to brand management. With your brand present and evolving across a wide range of platforms, it is acted on by any number of people from internal marketing and sales teams, to external designers and merchandisers, press agencies, and even third parties including vendors and retailers.

Not to mention that the worldwide economy means that as it travels from region to region, the brand has a very real chance of getting lost in translation.

However, help is at hand. By using a comprehensive content management system, it is possible to limit and even eradicate some of the key challenges that plague brand managers as they strive to maintain brand consistency in this busy world. And not only that. A centralized bank of brand assets which are managed, approved and delivered through one platform within transparent workflows and controlled via access rights, is an approach which can serve to optimize your brand and heighten its associated customer experience at an omnichannel level.

Many large brands are taking this approach and it is worth delving into the reasons why. The whitepaper Brand Management In The Digital Age is a good starting point for those wanting to understand the importance of best practice brand management, but it also details the ways in which universal content management can be used to achieve these best practices and their associated business results.

Areas covered by the paper include:

  • The top 10 steps to brand management success ,including marrying employee engagement with efficient processes.
  • How to create a structure that allows teams to only access the most current, coherent and compliant assets, when they need them and where they need them.
  • How to keep a tight control of your brand across markets, platforms and supply chains while also embracing the flexibility to remain relevant to localized needs.

You can download the paper here for more information on how censhare’s Universal Content Management system can help you keep control of your brand’s assets and even drive greater efficiencies across your business.

Lucy Campbell-Woodward
Lucy is Head of Marketing for censhare, and leads the global team in the aligned planning and implementation of censhare's marekting strategy. Having joined the team in 2017, Lucy has played a pivotal role in the censhare Marketing team for a good few years now, and stepped up into a leadership role in 2022.

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