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Less is More When it Comes to Retail Success

Less is More When it Comes to Retail Success

There can’t be many companies actively encouraging their staff to do less, but this established US department store discovered a huge leap in productivity when it did just that – with a little help from censhare, of course.

After 90 years of retail success, the retailer had grown to more than 1,100 department stores across 49 states with over 140,000 staff serving 56% of all American households each year. But despite such established success and annual revenues of around $19 billion, this retailer wanted to ensure it stayed competitive. In 2013, it implemented a program of process automation and personalization to improve efficiency and drive effectiveness.

By integrating censhare Digital Asset Management (DAM) into that program, the retailer managed to cut costs, improve employee satisfaction and speed up asset production. Unfortunately we cannot share with you the name of this censhare customer, but we can tell you how it achieved these successes, by:

  • Solidifying, standardizing and streamlining workflows for hundreds of employees

  • Dramatically reducing the number of changes needed on the day of print - by 95% to be precise

  • Automating email production, sending hundreds of possible combinations with far deeper personalization to 30 million inboxes, daily, with a 50% shorter production time

And the best result of all? Staff feel more empowered, more in control and more effective than ever before. The retailer is also enjoying a much smoother, more cost efficient production process and goes so far as to call its digital asset management system “a business person’s best friend” .

Find out whether the censhare DAM solution, could become your best friend too, get more insights and inspiration from the customer success story here.

The implementation of censhare for all campaigns and channels has brought extreme increase in efficiency and falling costs for Vitra.

Smarter Retail? It’s in the Detail

A censhare customer success story – read how this US retailer adapted to improve marketing, ecommerce, and merchandising, running a program of process automation and personalization to reach its customers more effectively.

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Lucy Campbell-Woodward Lucy Campbell-Woodward

Lucy is the Digital Marketing Manager and a blog contributor at censhare AG. Based in Munich, Germany, Lucy forms a pivotal cog in the Corporate Marketing team, always with an eye on keeping the content machines churning. What her resume doesn’t state, however, is an impressive knowledge of Bavarian beer. Prost!