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From Hell to Hello Roundtable at Internet Retailing Conference

From Hell to Hello Roundtable at Internet Retailing Conference

censhare will host a roundtable session at the Internet Retailing Conference in London on October 5, 2017. Driven by censhare's senior sales director for the UK, Paulo Newman, this session will be on the next wave of innovation in customer engagement.

The modern consumer’s demands are not what they were only a short while ago and those demands have to be met. With the recent explosion of digital content, customers require your communication with them to be in their language, on their terms and personalized for them on whichever channel they choose to be on. If conquered properly these ongoing and increasingly difficult demands will be the divider between good and bad marketing.

The line is thin between comfortable intimacy and clumsy intrusion when it comes to driving customer engagement through personalization. The effectiveness of your operations in this area will determine success. So the question that Paulo will answer during this event is how can customer leaders transform often complex and fractured sets of tools, processes and people from a potentially alienating customer hell to a big, warm HELLO?

Also, by joining our session, you will…

  • Understand how to break down content silos that exist within your business

  • Learn to turn complexity of content into communications to your consumers

  • Get hints and tips from peers and table discussions in the same situation

  • Find out how your brand is a media organization as well every business is now with the need to publish content to consumers

Click here to register and we’ll look forward to seeing you at the Novotel West Hotel for this pertinent and timely session.

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