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Single source publishing at fixed monthly costs

“censhare as a service” delivers transparent fixed costs for publishing houses, corporate communication departments and retailing companies

With immediate effect, companies and publishing houses can opt for the integrated censhare information and publishing system as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). censhare is now enabling its customers to rent the comprehensive solution for the global generation and production of publications at fixed monthly costs. The model is ideal for customers who need a comprehensive, efficient software solution for flexible single-source publishing with tight production processes and short production cycles. The solution reduces further costs incurred by additional hardware, software by third party vendors, as well as the maintenance and the installation of the solution. Preconfigured complete packages are available which can be easily adjusted to incorporate any changes, the number of users or the type and orientation of publications.

censhare as a service

censhare as a service

The SaaS packages provide the basic components, as well as a number of additional available options and expansions that can be tailored to user requirements. An online calculator allows companies to precisely calculate the monthly costs of their individual configurations, depending on the number of users, the required modules and additional key figures, such as the Internet respective infrastructure or individual storage requirements. SaaS basic configurations are already available and start at EUR 3,900.

Four preconfigured complete packages for typical applications

censhare offers four preconfigured SaaS complete packages for typical applications in corporations, media and retailing companies. In addition to the censhare modules, they contain all the key components and third party software solutions – from operating systems through to Oracle databases – and can be adapted for individual requirements, while offering a number of attractive expansion options at the same time.

censhare as a service Media Asset Management (MAM) – the foundation for single-source publishing

With censhare MAM, censhare is now offering an SaaS basic package for the company-wide administration and provision of media information for all types of publishing – whether print or online. Images, texts, layouts, advertisements, videos and product information are stored centrally in a media-neutral database and are accessible across the company for use in all types of media. The Layout Editor, available as an additional option, allows the user to process and publish InDesign templates through an intuitive web interface. Thanks to integrated authorization management, users can monitor access to the assets and display and streamline the production processes.Users can follow the corporate design guidelines built within the system to ensure consistent company image and profile, whilst at the same time, users will benefit from the efficient scheduling feature which will cut unnecessary costs.

censhare as a service Media – magazine and newspaper production based on a pay as you use concept

censhare Media allows media companies to produce and publish magazines and newspapers, as well as efficiently organize contents for online media, while saving IT costs thanks to rental concepts. In addition to the censhare Media Asset Management basic module, a high-performance and flexible editorial system ensures that editors can concentrate on generating content whilst the coordination of page planners, layout specialists and external service providers is smoothly automated. Editorial content can be published simultaneously in different media and combined with advertisements supplied by a linked advertisement management system. Media companies can also use censhare to efficiently plan and produce entire issues. All relevant systems are integrated into a single workflow.

censhare as a service Corporate – Central coordination of international marketing

censhare offers companies an SaaS package that enables the uniform production of communication material in various languages and versions that can be coordinated from a central instance. For customer and employee publications, business reports, corporate and product brochures, all production steps involved can be performed through the censhare Media Asset Management and the censhare Editorial System, combined with flexible localization management. This ensures a uniformed company image and profile in all regions and business operating areas, while also factoring in the individual requirements of different branches, countries and target markets.

censhare as a service Retail – Simple and rapid generation of marketing material for retailers

censhare Retail allows companies to generate catalogs, flyers and content for online stores by a single system at transparent, monthly all-included, fixed prices. The full range of product information, such as images, videos, technical data and prices, is stored in a central database. This material is available company-wide, as well as to partners as required. In this way, manufacturers, for example, can ensure that their own product information is generated worldwide according to consistent, uniform guidelines. This also guarantees that their business partners also use the right logos and image material in producing their own marketing brochures, while integrating the latest product model names, prices and specifications into their flyers, catalogs or Internet offerings. censhare Retail contains the censhare Media Asset Management, censhare Editorial System and the censhare Localization Management modules, which enable the individual adjustment of communication material to the respective languages, regions and target markets.

Security and high availability

The censhare solution is hosted and operated by certified and tested high-security and high-availability computer centers. censhare performs the entire system operation and offers 2nd-level support for all packages, as well as optional 1st-level support. The service package also includes a workshop, system adaptations and key user training. Access to the system is convenient and simple by way of Web Client via the Internet, which also enables the smooth integration of partners, customers, external staff and service providers, such as photographers and translators. According to requirements, VPNs can be set up for sensitive applications.


The monthly prices for the basic configuration, excluding the costs for installation and the introduction of the SaaS offerings, are EUR 3,900 for censhare as a service Media Asset Management, EUR 5,900 for censhare as a service Media, EUR 8,900 for censhare as a service Corporate and EUR 9,900 for censhare as a service Retail. These basic configurations include licenses for 20 named users respectively, while the censhare as a service Media includes licenses for 500 named users.

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