From Trout Fishing to Trail Running, Bauer’s Brands are Booming

From Trout Fishing to Trail Running, Bauer’s Brands are Booming

We enjoy sharing with you the kind of things our customers are achieving with censhare. This time it is the turn of Bauer Media UK , a traditional publisher producing world renowned titles in a not so traditional way.

Reaching The Eyes and Ears of Millions

Since the explosion of digital media in the late 90s, thousands of publishing brands have come and gone. The most successful are now part of large groups that bring together radio and TV stations, traditional print magazines and online brands. And the best of these focus first not on what content they can put out, but what their audiences want. The fact that they can measure this more accurately than ever gives them an advantage that media executives would have killed for 20 years ago.

This in depth insight is what drives Bauer Media UK. An intimate knowledge of its readers, viewers and listeners helps it stay competitive by proving content that audiences want and letting advertisers target the right people through more than 600 brands.

And its audiences are increasingly diverse, too – ranging from 18 to 75 years and with interests from trail running to trout fishing to trap music.

Avoiding Duplication Makes Sense

But the company’s edge doesn’t begin and end with what it knows. It’s also getting leaner in what it does. This involves automating processes, speeding up the way it gets content in front of users, and making it more shareable.

Let’s take the latter as an example. There’s a significant crossover between Bauer’s brands. And, until recently, its teams from similar radio stations, TV channels and magazines were all interviewing the same celebrity about the same new film, album or book, for their respective delivery outputs. Now, guests come in and spend time in a dedicated studio, answering questions that all brands can use. The resulting content – whether that’s video, audio, photos or copy – is then hosted in a central entertainment hub (based on censhare) where all brands can access it, reducing spend and improving efficiency.

Reinventing the Publishing Process

Bauer originally brought in censhare to make the publishing process for its magazines more efficient by eliminating the paper trails that slowed things down and offered no visibility as to where in a process the project was. We started working with Bauer in 2011, and today it publishes 93 magazines with censhare, which contain more than 2,100 pieces of content a week and reach over 25 million UK consumers.

The projects don’t stop there, though. Bauer is currently piloting a scheme where journalists can file their copy live in layout by using censhare through a web browser. So, reporters at motor races or concerts, for example, can supply near real time content. Leigh Cresswell, Product Director Publishing Technology at Bauer’s UK head office, said:

“If you were to reinvent the process of producing magazines from scratch today, it would look a lot like what we’re implementing with censhare.”

There’s lots more detail about how and why Bauer is using censhare in this sucess story . And you can check out the key facts in this infographic .

The implementation of censhare for all campaigns and channels has brought extreme increase in efficiency and falling costs for Vitra.

Rethinking How Magazines Are Made

A censhare customer success story - learn how Bauer Media UK uses censhare to make it easier than ever for its brands to create and distribute content

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