Advertising content share directly in view

The share of ads in an issue determines whether an issue is acceptable as postal advertising. With censhare 4.8, companies can easily determine these and other important indicators on issue structuring. These are the same figures in percent, which are also used by page planning systems.

Quality assurance

The relation between advertising and editorial content to the total scope of an issue is among the important indicators for issue. This helps to focus attention on a balanced mixture for the individual issue. The advertising ratio is also important if the edition is to be sent by post as sales material. If the advertising occupies less than a particular share, it can be refused by the postal service, which has significant financial repercussions. censhare 4.8 automatically makes the indicators available in the statistical area of the page planning.

Overview of the status of the issue, including the proportion of advertising and editorial contributions

Overview of the status of the issue, including the proportion of advertising and editorial contributions

The indicators like the proportion of advertising or editorial contributions are directly comparable with a different page planning system. censhare calculates the key figures for this in percent. This makes it very simple for users to pay attention to the adherence to particular values during the entire production process.

Customer benefits

  • Faster overview of the status of an edition with the statistical summary in page planning

  • Display of important indicators such as the proportion of ads or editorial contributions

  • Monitoring the ratio of advertising to editorial content across different systems

  • Automatic determination of the key figures

  • censhare-wide definition of the area of formats for proportion calculation

  • Individual definition of the area for special formats, such as for ads

Application case

  • Check on the extent of editorial contributions for quality control

  • Check on the advertising ratio for mailing as postal advertising material

  • Check on the indicators across multiple systems, such as censhare and a page planning system

All indicators at a glancek

censhare displays the statistical values in one tab of the page planning overview. Here the user has the most important figures on the issue and can grasp the status of production at a glance. Among the values are number of pages, the figures on advertising and editorial extent, an overview of workflow status and partitioning of print sheets.

Calculation of the issue structuring

The basis for the calculation of the key figures on issue structuring is the area of the individual layout elements in the page planning as a share of the total area of the issue. Each element receives its own percent value. This is determined either from the format of the object or directly in its properties.

The area share of formats is specified globally by the administrator in the admin client. If special formats are used, the area share for the relevant object can be entered directly in the planning overview of page planning.

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