Success with Single Source Communication

Providing your retail partners with accurate marketing information in a timely manner across various touchpoints, regions and materials, is no easy task. This was the challenge faced by Vitra, a company dedicated to making people’s lives better through design in public and private spaces, as well as the work environment. Operating through a number of partners, Vitra needed to deliver up to date product information and assets faster and more reliably across a multitude of delivery channels, which wasn’t possible with the procedures it had in place.

The organization decided to replace its 7 different databases with censhare - a single, media neutral solution to centrally house, manage and deliver all product data, assets and content. 100% of its communication and marketing material is now centrally controlled, and this switch in, approach cut out a lot of previously wasted time in managing and sharing assets which were stored in a sporadic and unreliable manner. From print publications and price lists, to websites and social media, Vitra gained the freedom and control to create accurate, timely, and orchestrated marketing campaigns.

As a result of this digital transformation, Vitra is now:

  • Running identically orchestrated campaigns across all channels, including print and social media;

  • Coordinating product information across multi lingual catalogues, brochures and its website; and

  • Managing its media database to share with third parties.

It’s an inspiring story, and applicable to many organizations looking to transform the way in which they produce and deliver marketing material through the centralization of information, digital assets and content.

You can dive into this success story in more detail here , with a video in which the Head of Marketing Production and former head of Group Marketing & Communications at Vitra speak on the steps they took when implementing censhare and the results they have seen so far.

With censhare at the heart of the article-based production Hearst UK controls all print and digital media and achieves a massive cultural change.

Multichannel , Single Source Marketing

A customer success story – hear how censhare allows Vitra to communicate consistently across all channels from print publications, price lists and websites to social media in one orchestrated campaign.

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Morag Cuddeford-Jones Morag Cuddeford-Jones

Morag has been a marketing journalist and editor for 20 years but is still trying to convince herself that she doesn’t look it. She came to journalism after a brief flirtation with the music and entertainment industry, which ended when she discovered that she nurtured a passionate dislike of any tunes not produced in 1985.

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