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Brand management tips

9 Simple Tips For Effective Brand Management

An organization’s brand is everywhere. From websites and social media to employee engagement, an ever-growing number of factors dictates how your brand is perceived by the public. Here are our nine easy tips for effective brand management to stay ahead of the competition. 

1.  Train and engage your employees to be better brand ambassadors

Company employees are walking brand ambassadors. Does your entire team - not just sales and marketing personnel - know how to best portray your product or service? Make sure their training also prepares them for spontaneous interactions away from the office, like an unplanned conversation at an airport lounge.

2. Be transparent with your brand team

Big-picture marketing initiatives often come from higher up the ladder, but details large and small, from launch delays to updated features, need to be communicated with the branding team to ensure everyone is aligned on a singular message.

3. Keep pace with shifts in traditional media channels and PR networks

While it’s easy to get caught up in the next biggest online marketing trend, traditional media channels and PR networks remain big players. Is a long-standing media channel gaining momentum in your industry? Don’t just hit the proverbial snooze button year after year without reviewing the landscape.

4. Leverage social media without sullying your brand

The pros and cons of social media are plenty, so learn how to build goodwill with your audience and provide a forum for positive engagement. If a customer complains about a poor experience with your brand, turn the situation around with a positive response addressing his or her concerns - the rest of your audience sees the interaction and chalks it up to great customer service.

5. Remain nimble among evolving internal resources and processes

Are resources being pulled away from your brand team to address a temporary problem elsewhere? Or perhaps budgets are reallocated. An organization is fluid with countless moving parts and your brand team needs to tackle shifting priorities head on and not use excuses to fall short of goals.

6. Keep your brand fresh and up-to-date

Every organization knows it’s challenging to stay fresh while staying true to brand consistency. Complete overhauls are not only costly, but undermine previous work spent building customer loyalty and establishing a recognizable image. Learn how to add modern updates without turning your brand upside down.

7. Stay relevant in an ever-evolving world with competition at every turn

Marketing products and services is becoming an increasingly globalized game. Learn how to stay relevant to diverse audiences through better engagement like multi-language localization and personalization.

8. Consolidate marketing technologies

Effective brand management relies on consolidating budgets and energy. Managing your brand under one platform that pulls together social media and concepts like tag management cuts down on learning curves for new employees and enables companies to not only better market their brand, but track results.

9. Be accountable and share your practices to the public

Audiences expect better transparency from their brands. Build sustainable practices for your brand team and be accountable for both wins and losses to the public.

Download our whitepaper Delivering a consistent brand experience to learn more about positioning your company for marketing success and standing apart from the crowd.

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