The heart of brand management

Putting Process at the Heart of Brand Management

We’re marketers for a reason. We like to tell stories, we like to be creative and we like to sell but we don’t want the pressure of actually having to talk to people. All in all, if you’re doing it right, marketing is a challenging profession. Unlike artists and novelists, you have to tailor your work to your audience rather than allow the audience to choose your work. That’s why 38% of CMOs still find that understanding customers' needs, wants, and attitudes is their biggest challenge . It’s a multi-weaponed problem, not only is persona research difficult, but creating content for different personas is time consuming.

The complexity of the marketing landscape means that your department needs defined processes that empower everyone to meet customer requirements and represent your brand in the right way. The keyword is brand. After all, a marketing department of any size will have multiple people working on specialized content and if they’re not able to efficiently adhere to corporate branding requirements then it won’t be long before marketing collateral is a jigsaw puzzle of mismatched logos and slogans.

Brand guidelines

The 2017 Marketers’ Confidence Index revealed that 32% of marketers have lost confidence in their team’s ability to understand the ROI of marketing plans . This speaks of the disconnect between the central tenets of brands and the way they’re linked to marketing activity.

Every CMO must ensure they have the guidelines and templates employees need to uphold the brand in customer interactions and experiences - but these have to be directly connected to your company identity and mission statements.

That means CMOs and project managers need to regularly review, understand, and document how your brand management processes work in direct relation to these ideals. Not only that, but they should work on evolving these ideals where they no longer meet customer attitudes and needs.

Systemized processes

To make this top-level strategy both easy and actionable, CMOs should be harnessing the latest marketing technology to systemize processes in the modern marketing space. By doing so, they not only ensure assets are used consistently by the right people, for the right processes, but free up the time taken by oversight of these tasks.

An integrated marketing software solution can pick up the menial administrative elements of brand, automating those tasks which require little creative energy but lots of detailed attention to deliver in a consistent, accurate manner.

Tasks like sharing assets with partners and press can be made incredibly simple with the use of a ‘ brand portal ’. This is a flexible space that allows the organizing and sharing of assets to separate groups of people, each of whom needs different assets for different purposes. Through this simple process tool, your people can access everything they need and can share the right information with the right people at the right time.

Connected brand management

Using a broader marketing platform like censhare , you can connect these processes into a wider semantic network that understands how your assets and processes connect to each other -- and, in doing so, fosters the same understanding in your teams.

Our platform allows your teams to connect relevant assets to automated processes like e-marketing or customer service, and also allows PMs and other staff to see how these assets are being used, and how they relate back to core goals and tenets. This kind of transparent, connected process is a powerful tool in both encouraging understanding among your teams and ensuring consistency across the brand.

When your procedures and guidelines are effective and transparent, you can be confident that you can not only respond to changing customer attitudes and needs, but also integrate those developments into a broader understanding of your brand identity and corporate goals.

Marketing is challenging enough as it is without adding layers of complexity because you don’t want to invest in proper software.

If you’re interested in how to implement integrated marketing, you can find out more in our whitepaper How to Deliver a Consistent Brand Experience.

Read More in the Whitepaper
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