Boosting Pharma Marketing with Centralized Assets

Boosting Pharma Marketing with Centralized Assets

In todays’ world, speed is a virtue. Whether you’re a consumer or a business, it has become a measure of success. As an organization, speed can mean some serious business results, and as a consumer it can make or break the customer experience. Instant service responses, short delivery times, real time data feeds – whichever way you look things have to be faster than they were the day before.

But speed can often come at the expense of accuracy. When that’s an incorrect ingredient listing on a product label, say, or a salutatory "Hi Dave" in a promotional communication to a Ms. Sally Smith, it may be inconvenient or cast a bad reflection on the business, but it’s not a matter of life and death. Unless, that is, you work in pharmaceuticals.

In this precise and heavily regulated sector, there is no less demand for fast delivery and super efficiencies, but the consequences of poorly designed and risk prone processes can be much more severe. Knowing that all product data and assets are centrally managed and under close control, with approval cycles in place which support the marketer instead of hindering them, can be priceless.

One such company making use of a comprehensively centralized asset management system to keep its product information in line and working hard is URSAPHARM , which owns several brands and products across a number of territories. Before censhare, the company’s marketing output was bogged down by week long content approval cycles and the need to demonstrate to regulatory authorities that these processes were fully trackable.

Now, however, the centralization of its digital assets have turbo boosted the company’s marketing efforts, and you can hear how in this brand new customer success story , avaialable on our website.

In it, you’ll learn how URSAPHARM uses censhare to:

  • Create a hub for digital marketing content and product information, form which users can locate and approve all assets from a single, central location

  • Streamline strict and previously lengthy approval processes

  • Shorten approval cycles and increase output by three to four times higher than before

To learn more about how URSAPHARM uses censhare to dramatically increase efficiency and output, watch the success story here .

The implementation of censhare for all campaigns and channels has brought extreme increase in efficiency and falling costs for Vitra.

Content Centralization for Efficient Healthcare Marketing

Hear from URSAPHARM, a European leader in the pharmaceutical manufacturing, on how it uses censhare to store and manage all digital marketing and product information, readying itself for digital transformation..

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Lucy Campbell-Woodward Lucy Campbell-Woodward

Lucy is the Digital Marketing Manager and a blog contributor at censhare. Based in Munich, Germany, Lucy forms a pivotal cog in the Corporate Marketing team, always with an eye on keeping the content machines churning. What her resume doesn’t state, however, is an impressive knowledge of Bavarian beer. Prost!

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