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Combine the benefits of DALIM and censhare

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DALIM is one of the leading providers of publishing solutions with products in the field of workflow management and softproofing. w&co has been one of the largest users in Europe for over 30 years and not only uses the solutions for its customers, but also develops interfaces to other products to create efficient production processes.

Online proofing and approval

DALIM is used for colour-accurate verification of print or media data. Briefings are compared with the subsequent implementation of the service provider via system-supported processes. This provides a fast and efficient way of releasing data or can be used for feedback regarding necessary correction loops.

DALIM offers:

  • DALIM's softproof solution provides digital asset and production tracking
  • It features project management tools, page and sheet planning, colour management
  • TWIST for workflow control/automation
  • DIALOGUE for release/communication processes and tools for correction details

The generic and fully configurable DALIM Connector is an in-house development by w&co and connects DALIM's software solution with censhare's ECMS and ensures complete integration of both systems. Via the REST interface, images and pages are exchanged between the two systems, the production and release status is synchronised, and event-based automatisms in further processing are triggered and controlled.

Scope of functions:

  • Creation of hierarchical categories in DALIM based on meta data information from censhare (e.g. customer, project, publication, page)
  • Exchange of media data between censhare and DALIM such as images and pages (e.g. JPEG, TIFF, PDF, Indesign)
  • Synchronisation of status information between DALIM and censhare in real time
  • Direct URL call of the assets in DALIM from censhare
  • Freely configurable API calls via the censhare admin client
  • Event-based workflows for controlling and automating processes in censhare and DALIM
Integration with a wide range of workflows

censhare can be integrated into workflows of the DALIM softproof solution as the only production data source or as one of several.

Use cases

The possible use cases are manifold:

  • Content testing of different production statuses
  • Colour-checking of data ready for publication
  • Modelling of simple and complex release processes
  • Integration of censhare as a data source in DALIM
  • Control of censhare workflows from DALIM or DALIM workflows from censhare


  • Content and technical verification of data online
  • Direct release processes in censhare or in DALIM
  • Media production completely possible in censhare
  • Data can flow together from different sources in DALIM


November 16, 2021


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