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censhare2SAP Commerce Connector

The censhare2SAP Commerce Connector connects the censhare DAM system with the leading ecommerce system SAP Commerce.

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With the censhare2SAP Commerce Connector, censhare acts as content hub and leading system for media assets of all kinds, and is able to transfer media to SAP Commerce.

Images, logos and documents can be assigned to products and variants in censhare, and are then automatically transferred to SAP Commerce.

Article numbers can either be maintained as metadata for images, logos and documents, or the assets themselves can be linked to the corresponding products in censhare. Based on this assignment, the images are then transferred to SAP Commerce and linked to the products and variants in SAP Commerce. The image derivatives are also provided by censhare and transferred fully to SAP Commerce as media containers. The transfer to SAP Commerce takes place in real time and the user receives feedback via censhare as to whether the assignment was successful.

Further maintenance of media assets in SAP Commerce is thus no longer necessary, making the enrichment process in SAP Commerce considerably easier.

The connector is configured in the censhare Admin Client. There, the administrator can maintain the image path, determine the derivative formats and also choose the naming for the derivatives. We provide an extension for SAP Commerce, which can also be adapted or extended.


  • Standard interface
  • Simple maintenance and assignment in censhare
  • No media maintenance in SAP Commerce necessary
  • Transformation of derivatives in censhare
  • Automatic linking in SAP Commerce
  • Easy expandability of the connector


July 9, 2020


censhare Digital Asset Management








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