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censhare Connector for Microsoft Office®

censhare Add-In for Microsoft Office® applications

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The censhare connector by Emmet Software Labs is an extension for the Microsoft Office® package that allows you to use the data of your censhare system easily and efficiently. Don't waste time switching between programs, but start your asset search directly from your Microsoft Office® product instead. The search result maps the Rules & Rights system of the censhare server, and thus contains only assets you have access to. You can place assets via drag & drop directly into your document.


  • Microsoft Office® integrated full-text search
  • Search filters for targeted searching of relevant assets, such as mimetypes
  • Sortable result list
  • Placing assets via drag & drop
  • Efficient working, switching between programs is not necessary
  • Automatic conversation of incompatible formats, e. g. Adobe Photoshop (PSD)
  • User authentication and taking into account the rules/rights
  • Consideration of an individual censhare configuration regarding asset types and mime types
  • Bandwidth reduction by caching of assets


March 15, 2021


censhare Digital Asset Management







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