The whole is more than the sum of its parts

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July 6, 2012

As Aristotle once taught, the sum is more than the sum of its parts. This holistic approach may well apply to many things. But is there actually such a thing as the intelligence of a swarm? The sum of the intelligence of a collective may be high. But the question is to what extent each part of the whole actually participates in this intelligence, how high the transfer performance is and just how good is the capability to react and respond. This always depends on how the collective or the community is organized.

Open Source software relies on this swarm intelligence: the higher the number of developers and installations, the better the product - as the line of argumentation goes. And in terms of the mathematics involved, this might be correct: take the Linux kernel version 2.6.25 which more than 1,200 developers contributed to. At the core, however, the question remains as to how well these parts are organized, how the tasks and responsibilities are distributed and joint goals are defined.

Less is more

By comparison, only a few handfuls of developers are programming the current censhare version. In order, on the one hand, to anticipate the requirements on the markets correctly and adapt technical innovations in a direct and timely manner, while remaining flexible working with high process standards, censhare has introduced a modular partner program, and is bundling competences from research, development, support, consulting, sales and numerous sectors. The selection process is complex, the partners are highly integrated, and the exchange is intensive. In view of this approach, one could also refer to censhare as Team Source software.

The censhare partner program

censhare offers a number of different partner levels in order to factor in the capabilities and expectations of companies, as well as the personal competencies and experience of individuals. Partners profit from the extensive training program, joint marketing events, lead generation activities, technical support and access to experts from support and professional services.

Consulting Partners are business experts in software and publishing technologies with extensive experience and know-how in process optimization.

Freelance Partners are freelance experts with competencies in areas such as censhare application or system engineering, training activities or other focus areas. Freelance partners can be engaged by customers, censhare partners or censhare GmbH itself for a censhare project.

censhare Network Partners

Network Partners are business experts with a good network of contacts and experience in a certain business area and/or sector. Network Partners provide censhare consulting and contacts to censhare GmbH.

censhare Media Provider / Agency Partners

Media Provider / Agency Partners are agencies or media service providers that handle their customer projects on their own censhare installation. They offer censhare outsourcing solutions in combination with their own core competencies, whether in the creative area, or as production agencies or media service providers.

censhare Business Partners

Business Partner are companies that offer business, IT or technology service and command special knowledge in the area of collaboration, publishing and media. Business Partners offer censhare consulting and engineering and are capable of assuming project management tasks without support by censhare GmbH.

censhare Premium Partners

Premium Partner are companies with the competencies of Business Partners, that contribute additional competence, for example in the areas of censhare development, managed services or second-level-support.

censhare Distributor

Distributors are premium partners that generate a major share of their turnover with censhare and censhare related services.

New partnerships

censhare has been, among others, partnering with the Spanish system integrator and software house Groupo Trevenque or also with the US software integrator IO Integration Inc. While Groupo Trevenque has established itself in the role of an agency partner as a solution provider for the publishing sector, and, apart from IT consulting and hosting, mainly develops mobile solutions and web applications, the US censhare premium partner IO Integration attends to major international brands such as Nissan, Nissan, Sunbeam or Christie’s and agency networks such as TBWA, BBDO, JWT or Ogilvy & Mather, for example, with the focus on Digital Asset Management, Brand Management and Cross Media Publishing.

Straumann AG, in Switzerland is another recent strategic partner. The company embarked on the development of web-based sector solution more than 10 years ago, and has since then been serving its customers with individual web applications geared to optimizing realization processes and boosting realization efficiency.

At Straumann the aim was to augment and expand the product range for cross-media publishing by adding the innovative and widely deployable censhare system. Both partners contribute valuable and unique experience, both in the development, as well as in the application area: Straumann as a specialized agency for visual communication, and censhare as a solution provider for integrated and cross-media publishing.. Joining forces, they offer companies rapid, efficient and simple solutions for company and brand communication.

Becoming a partner

Freelancers, professionals, service providers and companies interested in a partnership with censhare will find extensive information here and can contact us accordingly. Our partnership section also provides you with an overview of our existing partners.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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