Seatti & censhare: Making Hybrid Working Easy

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October 18, 2021

A lot has been said about the dramatic shift to remote working during the pandemic and how a hybrid culture will now be the way forward. Within that shift, the spotlight fell on remote working tools, with the use of Zoom, Teams, Slack et al reported as revolutionary.

But while these tools certainly took centre stage, they were already a fact of life for many large, multinational companies whose distributed offices meant colleagues had already been forced to collaborate remotely. It wasn’t necessarily a change in behavior, but more an escalation in volume.

The real change was felt in more medium-sized enterprises. Those with only a handful of offices where most departments could achieve the business of the day by, phoning a colleague, by popping down the corridor, or catching up at the vending machine.

“All these informal interactions influence the culture of the company and help to build the atmosphere of trust and openness”, says Esther Donatz, CEO of censhare.

How does Donatz know this? Because censhare itself experienced this exact phenomenon when the pandemic struck. “We had an advantage here. As we are an international company, it was not something new for many of us to see a person only online and still have the feeling of unity and team collaboration. But, of course, when it suddenly becomes a permanent state, there’s a risk that employees can start to feel isolated,” she explains.

To stay ahead of such a risk required a solution that allowed teams and individuals to get together to work and support each other, but in ways that were somewhat more intuitive and reminiscent of the ‘in office’ experience than purely video calling or messaging.

So, true to its philosophy of working with the most innovative partners around, censhare adopted Munich TU spin-off, Seatti’s collaboration app solution in April this year, happy to support the up and coming Munich start up.

"censhare was a trailblazer in not only identifying the need for desk sharing, but also the importance of fostering more personal meetups in hybrid teams. We’re thrilled to partner with censhare to enable exactly these two things through our Office365-integrated software" - Chris Bieri, Co-Founder & CEO, Seatti

Based on the Microsoft Teams platform, the app lets you book shared desks, see who’s in the office and who’s not, and enable more personal meetups in hybrid teams with the ability to share remote work locations and arrange meet ups with colleagues anywhere.


"We want to make censhare a comfortable space for everyone. That’s why we try to make ‘work’ as flexibleas possible. Seatti is already a very importantpart of that process."

- Ester Donatz, CEO, censhare GmbH

The result? censhare is already seeing increased collaboration and efficiency. But more than that - it’s helping the company tap back into that spontaneous, holistic working environment that has been so hard to achieve during lockdowns. Now, as we emerge, censhare is looking forward to making even more of the platform in a new, hybrid environment, truly bringing together the best of both worlds.

We are looking forward to deepening our cooperation with Seatti, expanding the App's usage throughout the company and encouraging the role of this hybrid way of working in bringing our business to a new level.
- Olaf Beyer, Head of Procurement & Purchasing Service, censhare GmbH

About censhare

Our pioneering, universal content management platform lets you connect with your audiences on any channel, in any language, locally or globally. Clients like Allianz, Dyson, Christie’s, Hearst, Lufthansa and many more have already discovered new freedom to create and deliver consistent quality content with exceptional efficiency. Contact us at

About Seatti

Seatti is a shared desk management and hybrid team collaboration software startup from Munich and Berlin. The team's mission is to enable hybrid companies to maximize collaboration while minimizing office and admin costs. With Seatti, employees can book flex-desks in the office, share their on-site or remote work location and meet up with colleagues nearby. Thereby Seatti helps reduce office space while fostering personal collaboration in hybrid remote teams. The company was founded by alumni of St. Gallen, HPI, TUM and Entrepreneur First. Find out more about Seatti under or contact the co-founder Chris Bieri directly under

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