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March 27, 2012

The new censhare version 4.4 features a multitude of new functions and extensive improvements in many areas of the censhare suite: starting with the user interface, operating convenience and all the way through to asset management and the basic technologies - the software has been optimized and extended. The new version is available as of March 2012. In the following, we would like to provide you with an overview of the most important new features:

Animated network view

censhare 4.4: Animated network view

Instead of the conventional file manager, the new censhare network view offers an intuitive and multi-dimensional access, enabling users to rapidly and transparently come to terms with complex information structures. The view provides a graphic representation of all of the relationships of the selected assets. In the same way that you are familiar with from mind maps. The differentiation between superordinate, subordinate and "undirected" links allows users to recognize the structural hierarchy at a glance. All of the assets placed in an InDesign-Layout for example, appear below the respective document. If the layout has already been assigned to a particular planning the respective issue for which it is intended appears in a superordinate position. Users can click their way freely through the entire asset structure, whereby the network view adapts dynamically: the searched or marked asset is always presented in the middle of the screen. At a glance you can see in which layouts an asset has been placed, or with which other assets the particular asset is related.

Translation Management 3

censhare 4.4: Translation Management 3

In the new version the Translation Management – with or without Translation Memory System (TMS) - was implemented in an entirely new manner, and features numerous new and expedient functions: it is now possible to have several 100%-matches displayed, or all of the changes over the last translation highlighted. In the new version, the entire range of functions can be accessed via shortcuts. And what is more - the Translation Management is now also entirely HTML based - and can also be used via Webclient by way of keyboard and short commands. Text segmentation and XML are also supported without Translation Memory. In addition, the version with Translation Memory offers a terminology function and is based on INCX, ICML or XML.

Support for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS)

censhare 4.4: Support for Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS)

censhare 4.4 prepares the support for all functions of the Digital Publishing Suite (final release to follow in April, 2012). Films, multi-state objects and file links can be integrated into Adobe InDesign. In the process, the print-, web- and app production runs parallel in the accustomed workflow in censhare. Already in the creation phase the app can be tested in censhare on screen with all functionalities. Here too, while graphics work is proceeding on the multi-media elements, the editorial staff can work on texts in parallel, or the online editorial office can add additional content for the web.

Support for Adobe InDesign Scripting

censhare 4.4: Support for Adobe InDesign Scripting

Scripts can be generated in InDesign with the help of JavaScript, Visual Basic or AppleScript in order to define and automate routines. The official InDesign API has been integrated in censhare 4.4, which supports all the respective functions. Scripts can be triggered manually or in dependence on a defined workflow, are available for the censhare Layout Editor via the toolbar as well as in Adobe InDesign. In this process the scripts are stored centrally in censhare as assets, and can be utilized by all users without additional installation on the local client. Additionally, there is the option for each script of defining the layouts for which it can be used, and whether and how many frames must be selected. In this way, any process can be automated, such as the removal of unused color fields before correction runs, or the marking of empty placeholders after processing.

Support for Apple Newsstand

censhare 4.4: Support for Apple Newsstand

The censhare app production environment for static or dynamic apps now also supports the Apple Newsstand. Magazine apps can be presented there, administrated and managed, and naturally also offered for sale. This also dispenses with the cumbersome in-app download of the latest editions. Instead, subscribed magazines can be automatically loaded in the background, and is automatically available on the day of publication. The advantages for users are readily apparent: all of the current, individual issues are automatically loaded, as soon as a W-LAN is available, and subscribed magazines and newspapers can be used on multiple end devices without extra charge.

Convenient version comparison

censhare 4.4: Convenient version comparison

Generating versions and managing them is one thing, but being able to compare them efficiently is an entirely different story. The new version comparison function provides an overview of all changes from one asset version to the next. In addition to the content changes, all of the metadata changes are shown as well. Version management has never been so convenient.

Automatic index generation for book productions

Indexes are highly expedient in helping readers to gain an overview of a book and access specific content. Regardless of whether indexes, registers or complex scientific material: references, cross-references and links are additional, integral features of every good book. With censhare 4.4 users have the option of fully automated index generation. With the help of pre-defined stylesheets and formats indexes are automatically generated based on existing book structures. In addition to content indexes and chapter indexes, registers, as well as page and content linking is also supported.

Optimized load distribution for renderers

The renderer service has been optimized so as to enable the distribution of orders by way of the round robin principle. This is connected with an automatic load distribution between all logged-in renderers. In addition, the connection errors of the clients are monitored, and automatically disconnected if required. Especially in scenarios involving the use of several renderers, parallelism is capable of massively boosting speed, also in connection with high loads.

Improved duplicate search

censhare 4.4: Improved duplicate search

The censhare duplicate search has now gained a good deal more performance. In addition to hashcodes, complex similarities (similar texts, figures or data) and even adjacent geodata and XPath expressions can be addressed for comparisons. And - as the logical consequence - can also be eliminated.

Efficient TMX import

TMX content can now be automatically imported from many other systems. censhare 4.4 supports the import from external Translation Memory Systemen systems such as Trados, Across or Transit via hotfolder. The new import offers automatic mapping pre-settings for languages and considerably enhanced performance, especially in connection with large files.

Eliminating duplicates

censhare 4.4: Eliminating duplicates

In the event that the new duplicate search finds asset duplicates, these can be automatically merged and eliminated. The new function allows a detailed selection of the contents and metadata to be taken over, and also considers all of the links and placements of the two duplicates. In this way, no information is lost, even in connection with highly complex data structures.

Native PDF preview in the client

censhare 4.4: Native PDF preview in the client

With the help of the new preview PDF files can now be directly viewed in censhare. Thanks to the preview users can better assess typefaces and vector graphics, as well as viewing high-resolution details. The preview supports all of the functions of the respective PDF plugin in the local web browser. In connection with Adobe Reader the files can also be sent by e-mail or printed out.

Preview of placed contents in the content editor

censhare 4.4: Preview of placed contents in the content editor

In censhare 4.4 previews of placed content can be directly displayed in the Content Editor. In addition to photos, videos or links, interleaved content-in-content is also supported in the process. If a sub-article is place in an article, and a further sub-article positioned in the first sub-article, the entire contents of the article can be displayed. For example: an article in a travel guide contains relevant point-of-interest articles. These articles are now also shown. In this way, the new preview considerably facilitates work with complex content structures.

New censhare Editor functions

Autocompletion for content and metadata

censhare 4.4: Autocompletion for content and metadata

With the help of the new auto-completion field that has been integrated as an alternative to the existing popup, entries can not only be selected by way of a mouse or arrow keys, but also by entering a search item or a word element. Among others, this allows users to directly realize complex searches directly in the Editor, or generate new assets or features already during the text creation.

Drag & Drop linking of metadata

censhare 4.4: Drag & Drop linking of metadata

The assignment of metadata and the enrichment of assets is usually a considerably complex process that is normally performed manually. It is now possible to realize complex metadata assignments simply and in a matter of seconds. By drag & drop the linked assets can be directly linked from the search field to the metadata. The new feature is particularly suitable for the rapid and efficient creation of complex structures: imagine recipes, for example, where contents are to be assigned, the administration of employee data or addresses in organizations, or complex product attributes and features in generating catalogs.

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