Make It Real - Challenging the Experts at ecosphere days 2018

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October 2, 2018

Make it Real – that was the challenge issued to clients, speakers and the wider content community at censhare’s annual ecosphere days 2018 conference. Over two days in Munich this September, censhare welcomed over 300 attendees from 17 countries to listen to leading lights of the content community share their experience and insight.

Making it real means finding out how censhare’s product solves clients’ real world problems and help customers achieve their goals. The agenda combined the scholarly thoughts of board chair, Dr Anastassia Lauterbach with inspiration from keynote Ted Rubin, censhare investor Dumont Media Group, and industry analysts Cathy McKnight and Theresa Regli, as well as case studies featuring censhare in action from LandRover, L’Oreal, Slimming World and more.

Some highlights:

Dr Lauterbach drove home the importance of data governance, the very foundation of great content management. Without IT and data transformation, she said, the risk of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ prevails. And for those thinking AI will solve these problems, Dr Lauterbach warned it’s just going to do everything humans do already – good or bad – just bigger and faster. Everything happens by design.

Setting the tone, keynote speaker and leading social media marketing strategist, Ted Rubin, made it real by urging delegates to break out of today’s way of thinking – reinventing themselves in a new, customer-focused way. How? By keeping it simple and…

  • Investing in relationships – converse, don’t convince because relationships are the new currency and your audience is your asset
  • Listening to everyone you care about – that should be written everywhere
  • Just being nice – approach everything from the perspective of trying to be good to people and you can’t go far wrong

Digital Clarity Group’s Cathy McKnight explored the architecture of content, helping delegates understand why even the best laid plans can go awry. She revealed that a massive 57% of content executives are unsure what success looks like, while only 36% have any formal strategy in place.

Getting that architecture in place now will reap benefits in the future. Theresa Regli revealed that she – and the delegates she was addressing – should have no lesser ambition than to create the digital archives of tomorrow, adding that “the best digital assets transcend the systems they are in”.

And amongst the many and varied examples of censhare in practice, Ahmed Hasan, Chief Marketing Technology Officer at Spark44, explained how censhare technology formed the heart of its creative process for its client Jaguar Land Rover. The £65m savings the company had made since implementing the technology is no small beer (compared to the large beers enjoyed during the post-conference networking session at Oktoberfest) but equally important was governance. Since implementation, the company had also managed a 68% more efficient content management process across more than 11,000 users, 300,000 assets and 10,000 downloads a month.

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