censhare enables the development of iPhone and iPad apps

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May 25, 2010

All in One

iPhone and iPad apps offer companies entirely new opportunities for marketing, sales and customer localization. Their individual development and seamless integration into corporate wide publishing strategies, however, remain a challenge for many users. Marking a genuine first, censhare is now providing users of its single source publishing platform the opportunity to create and maintain apps for the iPhone and iPad in connection with their full range of company publications, based on a single, central system.


Three variants are available: the integration into the Web Content Management module of the censhare Global Publishing System, the convenient generation of contents based on Adobe InDesign, as well as the utilization of existing Adobe InDesign documents for the apps.

All three solutions have been programmed in native Apple programming languages for the iPad and/or iPhone operating systems. This guarantees that the apps are always in accordance with Apple’s Developer Program License Agreement and can be featured on the App Store. The full range of effects of the iPad / iPhone operating systems and the integrated WebKit browser can be utilized. What is more, the censhare apps work both online and offline: contents can be loaded into the apps, so that new offerings and updates can be featured in the app store every month. Alternatively, the latest contents can be synchronized on the iPad or iPhone as soon as an Internet connection is available. Thanks to these options, companies are free to choose the ideal solution for each and every business model.

The censhare solutions save information in the Media Asset Management module in a neutral format and make the content available for a wide range of different channels – whether print, Web or mobile. Thanks to the modular architecture and a wealth of available functions and components, the system can be individually expanded and precisely adapted to user wishes and requirements. With the three optional variants of generating iPhone and iPad apps out of censhare, the publication system lives up to its strong reputation as a genuine “all in one“ solution and provides users with maximum flexibility.

Up to the minute, personalized information thanks to censhare Web CMS integration

The integration with censhare Web Content Management is ideal for apps that are being continuously updated in real-time. All of the contents of the publication system can be dynamically issued as natively programmed iPad and iPhone apps. In this context, censhare provides iPad and iPhone apps with an XML document listing all the required links. In combination with the censhare Web Content Management, HTML pages are made available that are displayed by the app as in a browser. In designing apps, all of the functions of the censhare Web Content Management are at hand. Consequently, contents can be personalized flexibly and updated in the accustomed publication environment within split seconds. Typical users opting for this variant include companies that generate their advertising material with censhare and would like to additionally inform consumers on special offerings and promotions by way of apps. Daily newspapers generating print versions and online portals from a single data source that would also like to offer real-time news apps, will also benefit from this variant.

Video: iPad / iPhone Apps with the censhare Web Content Management

When design makes the difference: Integration with the censhare Editorial System

The integration with the censhare Editorial System is ideal for design oriented applications. Drawing on this combination, the layouts created in Adobe InDesign can be issued in natively programmed iPad and iPhone apps. Layout professionals can prepare contents and design with their accustomed tools and then use censhare to convert the final layouts and asset structures for the apps. This variant is expedient for applications where the adherence to uniform corporate designs takes precedence over the split second updating of contents.

Video: iPad / iPhone Apps with the censhare Editorial System

Making the most of existing assets

Applications that do not require the creation of new documents in Adobe InDesign can also draw on existing documents. The respective censhare functionalities offer two export options to convert documents to the required iPad screen format: the “fit to screen“ mode adjusts the entire content of the document to the resolution of the given screen. Double pages can be displayed in horizontal format, while individual pages are shown in longitudinal format. A double click switches to zoom mode and back again. The zoom mode displays the documents in their best possible resolution and shows all the details.

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