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December 9, 2013

The integrated FTP server in censhare 4.8 simplifies the interchange of large files with other systems. Service providers, customers and partners can use FTP to transfer files such as images or ads to or from the censhare system.

Simple delivery of data with FTP

An agency supplies pictures after a photo shoot. A planner books ads into an advertising system. There are many different reasons for exchanging data with customers, partners or service providers. censhare offers a number of possibilities for digital goods receiving and delivery. This ranges from manual import/export, through the automatic processing of Emails or hot folders, up to special interfaces, for example ad booking systems or ERP. With Version 4.8, digital data transfer by FTP is very easy to do. This procedure is particularly suited to large files.

censhare has an integrated FTP server for this, which is also administered and managed within the system. There is no need to set up a separate server. Access to censhare only requires a standard FTP client. No censhare client is necessary. With FTP a company has no need to allow external access to the file system where censhare stores its files.

Customer benefits

  • Integrated FTP Server: no setting up and administration of an additional system
  • Use of a standard FTP client, no censhare client necessary
  • Administration of the FTP server and the users within censhare
  • Use of an external LDAP server for the authentication of FTP users if required
  • Secure transfer of files from an external FTP client by FTPS (FTP Secure)

Application case

  • Uploading of pictures into censhare over FTP by an agency after a photo shoot for new products
  • Delivery of photos for an event by a photo journalist

All administration inside censhare

With the integrated FTP server, users can transfer files with an FTP client to or from a hot folder in censhare. An agency, for example, can deposit the images produced for a contract in the appropriate folder or hot folder. censhare automatically collects the images there and allocates them to a particular asset such as an issue.

Configuration of the FTP service

The integrated FTP server means that no extra system must be installed. Administration of users for the FTP server may either be performed in censhare itself or with an external LDAP server. To give censhare users access to FTP, the administrator can authorize them in the system. If users only receive FTP rights, they have no access to the rest of the system. This ensures that, for instance, the employees of an agency with a censhare client do not suddenly have access to the rest of the system.

For secure transfer of data, FTPS (FTP Secure with SSL) is available. For security reasons, anonymous access with FTP is not possible. In addition, user access can be restricted to a particular folder. This makes it possible to ensure that the above agency can only deposit pictures in the hot folder intended for that purpose.

Only a few parameters

The administrator configures or activates the FTP server in the Admin Client in the service "FTP". The server is capable both of the active and the passive mode for the transfer. In addition it supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

If censhare is to be used for authentication, "standard" is entered in the appropriate field. With "custom", censhare uses the server which is configured in the LDAP module. In addition, the ports for normal access and for FTPS(SSL) are configurable The user is restricted to logging on over FTPS when the field for the standard port is blank.

The passive mode facilitates access across a firewall. For this, the administrator can specify a particular port, a closed range (from - to) or an open range (from this port). Only one user can obtain access through each passive port. To allow several users simultaneous use of the passive mode, the administrator must define a corresponding number of ports.

For a censhare user to obtain access to the FTP server, they need the right to FTP access. For this the administrator can, for instance, define a rights group which possesses the appropriate rights key. Every role which needs FTP access now receives this rights group. It would also be possible, however, to define an "FTP" role that only contains the FTP rights group. In this case, the desired users or user groups receive the role.

Besides a default folder, an additional initial folder may be specified for each individual user. If they do not appear in the selection list of users for an initial folder, then they have no right for FTP server access. If users have no individual entry, the default folder applies to them accordingly.

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