EPAM and censhare Form Strategic Partnership to Deliver Digital Experience Excellence

  1. chevron left iconEPAM and censhare Form Strategic Partnership to Deliver Digital Experience Excellence
July 21, 2017

They say you judge a man by the company he keeps and as you may have read in the industry press, we’ve recently partnered with EPAM, our first Global Premium implementation partner for our Universal, Smart Content Management Platform, an exciting relationship for us and our clients, as we jointly bring a scalable software and services digital experience proposition to the market.

EPAM’s global teams serve customers in over 25 countries across North America, Europe, Asia and Australia and they are a recognized market leader among independent research agencies, ranked #12 in FORBES 25 Fastest Growing Public Tech Companies, as a top information technology services company on FORTUNE’S 100 Fastest Growing Companies, and as a top UK Digital Design & Build Agency.

As  Jason Harman, SVP, Head of Global Business Development, EPAM states in our joint press release:

In this constant state of disruption, our clients are always looking for innovative and efficient ways to handle the increasing volume of assets and information. With censhare’s advanced product information and digital asset management software and EPAM’s global expertise in end-to-end consulting, analytics and digital orchestration, our clients can employ digital marketing platforms that generate insights, streamline operations and speed time-to-market.

We couldn’t agree more, as we’ve always recognised the critical role the implementation team plays in successful projects. The complexity of digital transformation to meet the omnichannel, multilanguage, personalised digital experience expectations of today’s consumer, means it’s not enough to just create great software.

As our CEO, Dieter Reichert shares:

Our success to date has been based on our reputation for customer satisfaction, to achieve this we have understood that it’s not just about creating a great software product, but a focus and passion on solving our client’s challenges through the excellence of the implementation team, To this end, I am delighted we have developed a strategic, global partnership with EPAM, enabling us to accelerate our international growth with a talented global team that clearly share our values and commitment to our client’s success.

There has been a lot written about our growth plans, fuelled by DuMont growth investment. Projections for 2017 are we will have doubled in size year on year and in 2018 it’s more of the same, an ambition which would be difficult to fulfil without global partners like EPAM at our side.

So, this is not just a story of two companies swapping logos for their websites, but a very considered, and exciting joint venture. EPAM have already invested in creating a censhare centre of excellence, we are already working on joint client projects and our Munich headquarters has been buzzing with the myriad of languages and accents of the EPAM global team.

It’s an exciting time for our company and its great to welcome EPAM to be a part of that. You can learn more about EPAM on their website www.epam.com.

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