Simpler rights management for assets

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September 9, 2013

In censhare 4.7 it is possible for an asset to have several owners. Owner(s) of an asset can be individuals (users) or groups. This provides more flexibility in the allocation of rights.

In everyday life there are many kinds of situations which require the adjustment of the rights of an asset. A holiday stand-in needs access to an asset, or online marketing needs to obtain access in a joint project with event marketing. censhare 4.7 allows the definition of a number of users or groups as the owner. The user simply enters the desired user or group as further owners. It is just as easy for a person or a group to be removed again.

Customer value

  • Making work easier: saving time in the administration of assets
  • Simpler to define several users and groups as owners directly in the asset
  • No need to define and administer an extra group
  • Easier to see who is among the owners of an asset
  • No need for an administrator to alter the master data

Use case

  • Several users or groups are to own an asset in parallel

The user enters users or groups as owners in the section "rights" in the "extended" area of the metadata of an asset. A click on the trash can behind the entry removes it again if required.

For the entry of a user or a group as the owner of an asset, user or group respectively must have rights to the domain to which the asset belongs. If that is not the case, the user/group therefore do not appear in the selection list for the new owner(s).

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