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May 21, 2012

Last year, the Swiss Postal Services introduced the censhare system as the central platform for the administration and decentral utilization of media assets such as images, logos, templates and publications, etc.


In the spring of 2010 the Swiss Postal Services had summarized the project's requirements profile as follows: "Communication products must not only be produced efficiently, but their media deployment also adapted to the new demands and requirements of the markets in an ongoing manner. To this end, a cross-media orientation throughout our organization is called for. […] In order to disseminate and sell the relevant contents in a target group specific manner (dynamically), as well as by the suitable media (cross-media), appropriate tools (applications) and systems are required.“

Today, following a one-year introduction phase, the consolidation of all requirements of the seven organizational areas (PostAuto, PostFinance, PostLogistics, PostMail, Post offices and sales, Swiss Post International und Swiss Post Solutions) and the migration of original media assets, the Swiss Postal Services has a comprehensive, cross-media system platform for Media Asset Management, print editorial and web-to-print solution at its disposal.

A report featured in the latest issue of Marketing & Kommunikation provides more information on the reasons why the Swiss Postal Services opted for censhare.

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