Finding assets more easily via their links

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September 9, 2013

Asset links can be used with censhare 4.7 to optimize or to constrain searches. In this way the user can specify that the article sought has a particular author and appeared within a particular year in the chosen magazine. The articles sought therefore have a placing link.

Searching for assets is one of the most important functions of the censhare client. It helps users to organize their tasks and to access the assets required for them. censhare stores relationships between assets as links. If a "layout" asset is associated with an "edition", censhare generates a link of type "planning". censhare 4.7 also allows the user to input links as search criteria. In this way, for example, a search can be performed for all articles that mention the iPad. These should also have appeared in the year 2012 in a print object.

Customer value

  • An even more powerful tool for the search of assets
  • Improved evaluation of the multifarious information stored in censhare
  • The search uses the information which arises from the linking of assets
  • Combination of the search for links with other functions of the expert search
  • The appearance of new search possibilities like for placed images
  • Making available more comprehensive searching, which also involves links, with "saved searches"

Use case

  • Making available particular assets like images or text for processing, e.g. for the current edition of a print object
  • Administration of assets like images, text or layouts
  • Searching for assets in a very specific connection, like the placement of an image or planning in an edition
  • Searching for all the articles written by an author
  • Searching for all articles with a particular attribute which have appeared in one of the last year's editions. It is no longer necessary to open all editions or to use the full text search.

censhare's expert search now allows the use of links as search criteria. Typical links are "planning", "placement" or "similar". A user can thus find all the images which are used in a layout with the help of the "placement" link.

The expert search constitutes a powerful tool with many options. For routine use, often-required, more comprehensive searches can be made easily available in the "saved searches" area.

censhare not only stores information in assets themselves, but also in links. For example, the "placement" link of an article points to the layout in which the article was used. The "planning" link, on the other hand, connects the layout with the edition in which it is used. This produces a path leading from the article, via the placement to the layout and from there via the planning to the edition. The information stored in the links may be used in the search for particular assets.

For this, the desired type of link is entered in the expert search as a criterion for an asset. The user can also specify whether the link should only be to a superior (parent link) or a subordinate (child link). It is also possible to nest several links in a search, for example to find the set of articles which appear in an edition.

This is also the core of the search mentioned earlier, for articles with the keyword "iPad". For this the search is then extended so as to find editions in the year 2012. In addition the articles are limited to those which are linked by the "association" link with text containing the word "iPad".

A further example also clarifies the procedure: a graphic designer wants all the images displayed which he or she must process for a particular edition. First he/she searches for all the images which are allocated to him/her. Moreover, these images should be linked with a layout via a "placement" link. In turn these should also have a "planning" link to the desired edition. Subsequently, the query can be stored as a "saved search".

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