National Magazine Company relies on the smooth interaction between censhare and Adobe InDesign

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September 19, 2010

Writing a success story

The National Magazine Company, one of Great Britain’s best known publishing houses with a portfolio of 21 magazines and 14 websites, including, Harper´s Bazar, Cosmopolitan or Country Living, has opted for the censhare publication system.

censhare Natmags

The company relies on the perfect interaction between the censhare publication system and the Adobe Creative Suite. Things used to look a bit different, however. Originally, the National Magazine Company worked with Quark XPress, but soon became aware of the fact that InDesign represents the better alternative. The challenge was to find the right publication system that would meet all of the company’s demanding requirements. The decision was soon made in favor of censhare. Shorter project cycles thanks to automated processes, distributed, worldwide access via web browser ensuring up to the minute status of all digital information such as photos and visual content, for example, were regarded as decisive strengths. The publishing experts were also convinced by censhare’s absolute transparency across versions and history, as well as the layout editor.

What is more, the Adobe software and the censhare publication system create a workflow that helps reduce costs while enhancing quality at the same time. In a publishing house of this size, time factors also play an important role. Thanks to censhare, the company was able to save some 10 to 15 minutes per document in the automatic generation of print ready PDFs. Given some 15,000 documents generated and processed in the course of a year, this represents tremendous time savings.

Read more about why the National Magazine Company would no longer want to run its business without censhare.

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