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January 14, 2008

With the founding of censhare Italia srl in Verona - shortly after establishing the Swiss branch in Zurich - the Munich based software house CoWare AG is consistently advancing the development of the company. The aim is to achieve an optimal positioning with regard to the requirements of the national markets.

Luca Leonardini, CEO of censhare Italia S.r.l.

censhare Italia srl will be responsible for sales activities throughout Italy. The target groups of the censhare publishing solution consist of companies in the commercial, wholesale/retail and industrial sectors, as well as financial services providers, agencies and media companies such as newspaper and magazine publishing houses that rapidly and reliably process publications on a daily basis for different target groups, markets and media channels.

Branch insider Luca Leonardini is CEO of censhare Italia srl

Luca Leonardini is at the helm of censhare Italia srl. The acknowledged branch expert draws on almost two decades of experience in the publishing industry, including many years with software houses. He was technical and business manager at Sanpatrignano.Grafiche and managing director at Flying Colours, as well as Senior Trainer and Consultant at Quark. In his last positions he was active as freelance Senior Consultant, advising several leading European companies active in the media and graphics software industry.

Luca Leonardini is confident that the censhare publishing system will meet with strong interest in the Italian market: “I am convinced that censhare has tremendous innovation potential to offer Italian media producers. This future oriented software technology opens up the way to completely new and successful business models. Our system will meet with strong interest in all Italian companies operating in the media and corporate publishing area that are searching for effective integrated publishing solutions offering them the potential to safeguard and expand their competitive advantages.“

Dieter Reichert, one of the main partners of CoWare AG and responsible for strategic company development and the worldwide marketing of the censhare Global Publishing Systems looks forward to cooperation with the Italian publishing professional: “With his extensive know-how, in-depth market knowledge and wealth of contacts Luca Leonardini will soon succeed in convincing the successful media companies and corporate publishers of his country of the strategic competitive advantages they will benefit from by producing publications with our system in multimedia and multi-lingual versions and without the conventional restrictions.

censhare – at work worldwide

censhare system solutions with several million assets are at work worldwide at more than 40 media companies and corporate publishers, involving some 5,000 users. The customer roster includes internationally active corporations such as BMW, General Motors, Dyson, Coop, Birkhäuser Verlag, Swiss Medical Publisher, Deutsche Post, Süddeutscher Verlag, Condé Nast, Bauer Verlag as well as a wide range of media services providers.

About censhare

censhare offers the technical foundation for the creation of homogeneous information and publishing platforms for every type of print and online output. All media assets of a company can be administrated from a central instance, and can be processed in cooperation with external service providers and partners in a tailored manner according to the specific media channels employed.

In this way, the censhare system takes on the central role in process-driven planning, production and publication of contents of all types.

At the heart of the system is a high performance XML-based Media Asset Management System that organizes the media neutral storage and archiving of all data formats, and thereby acts as a central content pool. This content pool supports all media channels, whether print, web, TV or mobile services. censhare has interfaces to advertisement, agency and make-up systems, as well as to CRM, ERP and eShop systems.

The linking of the Editorial System with the integrated Web Content Management System for the parallel generation of print and online content represents a special censhare highlight.

censhare offers efficient automation mechanisms for market oriented publication: graded variant management down to the content level, as well as translation management for the processing of translations based on text variants, ensure the rapid provision of information and publications. A Product Information Management (PIM) system is available for the placement of product information, and enables information to be aggregated, generated, administrated and placed in WYSIWYG mode.

Numerous internal and external content suppliers must be integrated in cross media publishing, while sensitive content must be protected at the same time. censhare regulates access to the workflow by way of an authorization concept that can be fine-tuned and flexibly differentiated according to the corporate structures and offers the respective technical security standards.

Contact: censhare Italia S.r.l. Luca Leonardini Via Lombardia 8 A San Giovanni Lupatoto 37057 Lupatoto Italy

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