censhare joins forces with Meta Systems and connova at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair

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October 15, 2009

„What are the business models of the future? What will digitalization and the ensuing transformation look like in the media sector?“ These questions, posed by the organizers of the Frankfurt Book Fair on their website in connection with an online survey, were answered by censhare AG during its presentations at this year’s trade fair, taking place from October 14 to 18, 2009.

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On the stand, with partners’ Meta Systems and connova, the certified system partner, censhare demonstrated how book publishers can develop individual concepts generating new products for readers and (online) booksellers, and thereby improve the value creation based on the contents of their books and other products. Moreover, the streamlined and automated sequences deliver considerable improvements in the processes involved in book production, translating as massive savings and enabling publishers to bring new products faster to the market.

„Many publishing houses know that their long-term survival hinges on developing new business models, but they cannot imagine that their implementation would be possible without major efforts and considerable additional costs. As a result, they leave everything as it is – in spite of the crisis,“ as Dieter Reichert, board member and censhare’s CMO outlines. “Take e-books, for example, ever since the introduction of the most recent generation of readers last year, the industry has been well aware that these developments are not to be halted and that digital book editions are becoming an established factor on the market. Nevertheless, there are many publishing companies that are still not coming to terms with these matters and are thereby missing opportunities to tap into new revenue sources.“

Through censhare, e-books can now be easily produced in parallel to the print editions as all of the data originates from a single source. Generating extracts on the websites of the publishing house and their booksellers or as a content element for mobile and handheld devices whilst also including user-generated content such as critiques and book reviews.

Getting a grip on correction runs and proofing cycles

Publishing houses can also streamline the typical sequences involved in book production through censhare. All professionals involved in production have access to the system and the documents that are essential for their work. Changes can be made directly in the system, which avoids a situation in which a document circulates among the participants in different versions, which then have to be pulled together and integrated into a new and final version at the end of the process.

„Correction runs and proofing are incredibly time and resource consuming and often take longer than the actual production periods. In addition, these processes are often prone to glitches, for example, when authors make handwritten changes to documents and fax the individual pages to the editor who then finds some of the comments poorly legible and makes mistakes whilst working in the changes. When the text goes back to the author for a final round of coordination, the whole process starts anew. When several authors are involved in a book, the correction time and occurrence of errors rise disproportionately,“ as Manfred Stolz relates, managing director of the system house connova that specializes in book and media production. “This is a totally paradoxical situation in our day and age of absolute digitalization, but is still common practice in many instances due to the lack of alternatives. With censhare, our customers can now reduce the time involved in correction runs to a minimum.“

Uniform corporate design combines with personalized advertising material – generated by Web-to-Print

censhare also allows business partners to generate their personalized advertising material by way of Web-to-Print whilst ensuring that the contents are fully in line with the corporate design of the particular publishing house, this is enabled by the censhare Media Asset Management module. It provides a central and media neutral pool for all publishing house data and also provides, by way of an authorization management system, partners and booksellers with access to the exact contents they require for their advertising material. This approach ensures uniform texts and designs, up to date prices and correct order numbers. Through the numerous modules and functionalities available, booksellers can simply fill in the templates for advertising material with the contents that best suit their individual products. At this year’s trade fair, connova will be demonstrating censhare in book production by using their publishing customers, Auer Verlag and the Swiss Birkhäuser Verlag, as examples.

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