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Dieter Reichert: DX Moves Customer Relationships from Manipulation to Cooperation

In a recent interterview with Siobhan Fagan, Dieter Reichert answers about the way that has led him to become CEO of Digital Experience Platform provider censhare and a leader in the DX space.

Dieter Reichert at CMSWires DX Leaders

When Dieter Reichert started as a typesetter 40 years ago, he was disappointed by what computers could accomplish: "In my mind, computers should have been able to do what human beings could do." When comparing his feelings on the state of computers now as opposed to 40 years ago, Reichert said, "We are almost getting there."

Reichert will take part in a roundtable at CMSWire's DX Summit this Nov. 14 through 16 at the Radisson Blu Aqua hotel in Chicago. The roundtable, "The Market for MarTech: Peak Perspectives, Fundamentals and Investment" will take place at 12 pm CT, Wednesday, Nov. 16. Learn more about the agenda here.

Read more about his agile way of leading and the state of the digital experience space in the interview.