Solving Content Management Woes with AI and ML

Growth is good. But managing the complexity which comes with it is increasingly beyond the scope of manual effort.

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Lucy Campbell-WoodwardJuly 11, 2023
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Growth is good. But managing the complexity which comes with it is increasingly beyond the scope of manual effort.

Expanding a company’s reach and relevance, provides future financial stability, and strengthens the brand in its own market and possibly beyond. But it can also be a logistical nightmare, adding new products and services, new geographical markets and divisions, all of which can play havoc with content management processes and structures which were previously both efficient and effective.

From inventory to social media feeds, information complexity multiplies, and so does the infrastructure required to manage it. Companies need systems that are elastic and can expand in any direction – translation, product information, personalization – and fast.

Our latest whitepaper explores how some these issues can already be tackled by content management systems which are supported by artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) capabilities. It can seem a daunting topic for the average marketer, but Thinking About Content presents every day use cases in which companies can and are making the most of AI and ML enabled systems in their daily asset and content management tasks, keeping up with growth and maintaining the continuity and excellence of service that their customers have come to expect.

In this paper, you can expect to discover:

  • How AI and ML can take the strain out of complex content management
  • Why automated image processing improves precision, availability and efficiency of visual asset management
  • The possibilities in using a flexible database that can match the volume and speed of data generated by AI based systems

Download Thinking About Content to learn more about how AI and ML supported content management can have some seriously impressive implications for businesses putting them to optimal use, including improving efficiency and maintaining quality through periods of growth.

Lucy Campbell-Woodward
Lucy is Head of Marketing for censhare, and leads the global team in the aligned planning and implementation of censhare's marekting strategy. Having joined the team in 2017, Lucy has played a pivotal role in the censhare Marketing team for a good few years now, and stepped up into a leadership role in 2022.

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