Re-engineering Content for An Omnichannel Experience

Omnichannel communication is promoted as key to customer experience. But, as Forrester suggests, getting to the stage where you can deliver the right message, in the right place, at the right time, is not all that easy.

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Morag Cuddeford-JonesFebruary 27, 2019
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The omnichannel experience is promoted as the ideal marketing approach for customer satisfaction. Communication of the right message, in the right place, at the right time. But, as a report from Forrester suggests, it’s not as simple as just flicking a switch.

In Omnichannel Strategies Demand A New Content Approach, (part of our Omnichannel Marketing in Practice series), Forrester analysts reveal why the content can suffer when marketers try to push ahead with an omnichannel strategy before everything is in place. Even plug and play technology isn’t the answer, as the content architecture often needs a full review before it can fit neatly into the new approach.

In this report, you will discover:

  • That breaking down silos remains a priority in order for technology to function well
  • How unifying content systems and production processes streamlines output and derives more value from existing assets
  • Why modular content paves the way for individualization and on demand creation

But this is just a taster! Forrester also provides guidance on on how to engineer content creation for the omnichannel experience, how to prepare your organization for omnichannel content, and even which steps are needed in order to get the project underway. These core concepts and key buidling blocks provide a deep dive into the topic which will set you off on the right track when preparing your content for its omnichannel journey.

Morag Cuddeford-Jones
Morag Cuddeford-Jones is a writer, editor and broadcaster. She has been working in marketing, business, and the SaaS space for more than 20 years. With experience interviewing C-Suite executives and working in tech, Morag has gained a unique insight into both the evolving martech landscape and the impact digital transformation has on consumer and B2B brands.

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