Next Generation PIM – Delivering Customer Centric Experiences

Gartner's report on the role of next generation product information management (PIM) in supporting the ideal customer experience is certainly worth a read!

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Morag Cuddeford-JonesDecember 4, 2018
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Creating a central resource for all the assets and data that flow in and out of a business is an organizational ideal, but it can also feel like the impossible. A data architecture where all inputs are meticulously arranged, that support varied teams and departments from supply chain to customer service can sound more like a reality for a fresh start up than for an organic company with years of siloed teams and information to contend with.

But today’s technologies make this reorganization possible, as long as companies are willing to take stock and approach the process methodically. Research consultancy Gartner has created a short paper outlining where companies need to assess their performance and the best practice ways in which data, assets, and governance can be brought together.

In the paper, Create Powerful Customer Experiences With a 360-Degree View of Your Products, Gartner explores:

  • The challenges companies face in trying to share and integrate data across different business units and applications
  • The contribution a 360 degree view of products can make to customer satisfaction and operational efficiency
  • What types of data form the critical foundation for building this view
  • How to choose the best vendor mix of technologies to answer both governance and asset management needs
  • Expanding the 360-degree view to accommodate unstructured yet highly useful contextual data and content assets

Tying together the ever changing flow of information and assets through any business can seem near impossible. But this paper helps to bust this myth, showing how it is a challenge that even the most legacy bound company can meet.

Morag Cuddeford-Jones
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