Nescafé: Now on Tumblr – The Importance of Courting Millennials

The importance of courting millennials.

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censhare Editorial TeamOctober 14, 2015
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"Inspired to share": three words that cleverly sum up the new Nescafé corporate website offering. Defying the typical expectations for static .com brand pages, Nescafé has moved its web presence onto Tumblr, a platform that allows publishers to upload content in almost any format.

Why? Millennials own this platform, and this matters because, as a consumer group, they have major potential. Not only do they share content more readily than the rest of the population, but they are also intensely brand-loyal and have a combined buying power of an estimated $10 trillion globally.

Why Tumblr Matters

The Nescafé move indicates a significant strategic shift. Millennials as consumers don’t want to be marketed to, they want to be engaged, and Nescafé understands this. The move to Tumblr aligns the brand to co-creation and user generated content, putting it in good stead to effectively target a younger audience – particularly as the rise of artisan roasteries and independent coffee houses continues to pose a challenge to the traditional instant coffee market.

If Nescafé wants to achieve its goal of having an online market share as big as its offline equivalent, promoting original, visual content on Tumblr is a strong first step. With the average sponsored post on Tumblr getting reblogged 10,000 times, there is plenty of potential for exposure and engagement.

Tumblr also saw a huge lift in its referred revenue-per-visit (RPV) in the fourth quarter of 2013, reporting a figure of $1.10 that almost leveled it with that of Facebook’s and eclipsed that of Twitter and Pinterest. It's no wonder that brands like General Electric and Holiday Inn are also utilizing Tumblr for storytelling campaigns in an attempt to refer traffic to their retail sites and drive conversions.

The Need to Engage

The new Nescafé Tumblr allows users to share coffee-related images, videos and even GIFs. This creates a space for its consumers to gain inspiration while participating in the brand's story, and crucially, builds loyalty and advocacy. Engaging in meaningful ways with the target consumer is vital and should take precedence over dated metrics such as volume of likes or views.

However, creating content that is consumer-centric and personalized, while remaining educational and entertaining, is no easy task. In order to effectively do so, brands need to capture and evaluate large quantities of user data from a variety of sources in real-time, and have the ability to react instantly to user interactions and publish content dynamically across multiple channels. Discover our solutions to find out how censhare is helping businesses to revolutionize their marketing strategies.

censhare Editorial Team

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