Monday Morning Memo: Culture, Data, and Storytelling

This week's round up of martech news concentrates on properly using data. Plus, for good measure, a bit on maintaining a digital culture.

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Douglas EldridgeMarch 12, 2018
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Once upon a time, in a land very far away, marketers marketed with reckless abandon. Marketers showed ads for cars during Saturday morning cartoons, they put sugary cereals on the top shelves at grocery stores, and they didn't even realize that they might be marketing to the same person via two different channels! But don't worry, that's just a marketing horror story. Today, we have a wealth of data to tell us who to tell our story to and how. This week's round up of martech news concentrates on just that, properly using data. Plus, for good measure, a bit on maintaining a digital culture.

How to Use Storytelling to Sell Your Brand and Vision - Entrepreneur

Storytelling, from a content marketing perspective, is easier said than done. It's easy to write a whitepaper on a high level topic, it's also easy to write a blog on a product launch, but storytelling to a dispersed audience is a different ambition altogether. This article gives some good advice on how to tell a story and the power that this can have on an audience. Read More

Data Science Is The Key To Marketing ROI - Here's How To Nail It - Forbes

Having data is the first step to successfully using data. The next step is more important though, interpreting that data. The onslaught of information that we have is exasperating many marketers in this era of "Big Data" and it's not going to get any better. Having an understanding of data, of how it works together, from different data points, and being able to communicate this research, will become increasingly vital tools. Read More

Marketing to Consumers in the Real World - Business 2 Community

As a consumer, do you realize (or care) what part of the omnichannel world you're in at any given moment? Do you know where you are on your buyer's journey toward any given product? Of course not. In the real world, people are interconnected and make decisions for lots of different reasons. This article reinforces the need to be data driven and targeted across every channel so that the end data makes sense and is therefore effective.Read More

Accelerate Your Culture Practices For Digital Transformation - Forrester

The truth about digital transformation is that it's not one project. The digital world is constantly evolving. Even the most digitally mature company today will find itself trailing behind the status quo in five years' time if their digital culture begins to lag. This informative piece by Forrester gives tips on how to keep leadership engaged in keeping their culture digitally advanced. Read More

Why a Digital Mindset Is Key to Digital Transformation - CMS Wire

To reinforce the importance of digital culture, this article moves away from leadership and focuses on digital users within a company and their marketing department. From an end user perspective, their buy in is paramount, as they're the ones who actually know if the technology is working correctly. From a marketing perspective, if your customers and prospects can't see the digital transformation, then much of it has been done in vain.Read More

Douglas Eldridge
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