Monday Morning Memo: Creating Great Customer Experiences and the Technology that Allows It

Last week I was on vacation and took this opportunity to completely disconnect myself from the word of internet. Now as I am back and starving for martech content, this week's martech memo dives into content and its affects on customer experience vital tech for digital marketing.

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Douglas EldridgeJuly 2, 2018
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While I usually keep up with the latest martech news daily, last week I was on vacation and took the opportunity to unplug and maroon myself from the internet for a week. Yes, there is some stress in not being connected, but I came back refreshed and as I was content starved. This week’s Monday Morning Memo focuses on how content affects the customer experience and the technology which is vital to digital marketing…

Tips For Generating Better Customer Experience – Rockstar CMO

Marketing expert Ted Rubin explains why making it all about the customer is the best place to begin your marketing strategy. Interactions with your brand are what people will remember, so by keeping those interactions simple, pleasant, and most importantly, about them, you’ll be on the right track. Check this out for six surprisingly simple ways for marketers to put the customer first. Read More

The 5 Biggest Challenges with Online Content and How to Deliver Top-Notch Experiences – EContent Magazine

Over the next five years internet traffic is projected to nearly triple, which means that everything you know about content marketing today will be seemingly on steroids tomorrow. This article gives a high-level view of the challenges that many companies have with content marketing and delivering quality customer experience. Read More

Creating a Slice of Content Services Success – CMS Wire

This piece gives an excellent explanation on how technology which delivers content is a more complex than meets the eye. The foundation, the APIs, and the interface layer atop each other like the fillings in a pie. Find out what’s under the crust and why technology is what empowers content marketing. Read More

CEOs should stop saying this about tech – Gartner

When a CEO dismisses the complexity of today’s technology by claiming that “technology is the easy bit” they are likely doing more than just uttering a fallacy, they are possibly damaging their company by not allowing the company to explore complex software that will likely help it to compete better than a simple out-of-the-box solution would. This article explains four reasons that CEOs need to get behind complex technology. Read More

Marketers and Tech Companies Confront California’s Version of GDPR – AdAge

California Governor, Jerry Brown, signed the Consumer Privacy Act last week which will further affect digital marketing efforts along the same vain as GDPR. While this measure doesn’t take effect until 2020 and only protects consumers in California, the worry is that this “GDPR Lite” initiative will set off a landslide of state measures which could complicate marketing beyond comprehension. Read More

Douglas Eldridge
Doug Eldridge has worked in marketing and communications for fifteen years, with experience in marketing agencies and software vendors, he’s written for CMSWire, eContent Magazine and various industry blogs. Doug is based in Denver, Colorado, is an alumnus of censhare US and while he is not writing, he is a typical Coloradan, which means a lot of time in mountains and breweries.

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