Monday Morning Memo: Content, Chatbots, and Customers – It’s All About ROI

Whether you’re pleasing a customer, investing in chatbots, or using the latest and greatest content marketing platform, the investment should pay off. This week's content collection looks at ROI in the marketing space.

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Douglas EldridgeJune 25, 2018
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The sun reached its northern most point late last week which means that summer is officially upon us, or winter if you’re reading this down under. Either way, we’re going into a season of extremes. This week’s Monday Morning Memo touches on the extremes of marketing technology, with each article emphasizing how ROI is what marketing is all about. Whether you’re pleasing a customer, investing in chatbots, or using the latest and greatest content marketing platform, the investment should pay off.

Are You Happy With Your Content Marketing Technology? – Gartner

Content marketing budgets have steadily risen in recent years despite overall financial resources for marketing remaining flat. With the increased investment in content, companies want to see a return on this expense, but while it’s the content strategy and not the technology which will ultimately determine success, without an investment in the right platform the strategy cannot succeed. Read More

B2B marketers must prove contribution to revenue – Marketing Land

Marketing is more than digital strategies and creativity, it can’t be emphasized enough that marketers not only needs to generate revenue but also prove this revenue. KPIs have to expand beyond lead volume to lead quality and pipeline impact, and marketers also need to be able to dig into the data to find the stories which would have otherwise gone unnoticed and unattributed. Read More

Why 2018 is the year of less waste and more measurability in marketing campaigns – MarketingTech

The famous John Wanamaker quote about how half of the money he used for advertising was wasted caught on and it’s now taken for granted that some marketing dollars are just going to be thrown away. But marketers today have more and more tools by which they can measure success and ensure that should their advertising dollars appear to be going to waste, they don’t recommit dollars to the same approach. Read More

Practical Ways Chatbots Are Addressing Enterprise CX Problems – CMS Wire

Chatbots aren’t perfect yet, and they’re only as good as the data they have access to. For customer interactions, they are still primarily used for simple requests but that’s not to say that they aren’t invaluable, as this alleviates time for customer service agents which can then be spent on more complex issues. This article details how chatbots are helping many enterprise organizations with use cases and practical scenarios which emphasizes their relevancy now and in the future. Read More

Customer Strategy: The Missing Link – CustomerExperienceMagazine

The customer is the lifeblood of every organization and yet they’re not often treated as such. Not taking a hard look at the customer journey, learning their habits and what makes them tick is certainly a good way to ensure off-key targeting and customer attrition. Short term wins are a long term loss when it comes to customers - if they’re not happy with you, then you’ve probably lost them forever. Read More

Douglas Eldridge
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