James Naylor, Slimming World, and Rolling Out censhare

We explore what happened when a passionate member of the censhare community, James Naylor, took censhare with him when he took up a new role as Publishing Systems Manager at Slimming World.

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censhare Editorial TeamMay 3, 2019
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censhare is lucky enough to have developed a loyal and passionate community around its technology and teams, and one such member is James Naylor, Publishing Systems Manager at Slimming World. In fact, he was so convinced of the power of censhare, that when he moved from Hearst UK to Slimming World, he decided to take it with him.

A familiar face

Some of you may remember James Naylor. He starred in a video we made with Hearst UK back in 2016, where he was the group’s Publishing Systems Manager. Since then, James decided to move “back home” with his young family, so it was goodbye to London’s bright city lights, and hello to South Yorkshire’s rolling hills and majestic mills.

James took up a new role at Slimming World, and we’re pleased to say that he took censhare with him! Back in July, we traveled to Slimming World’s head office in Alfreton, near Derby, to find out how he’s getting on.

Meeting The Family

Many of our clients are in big cities, so it was a bit of a change driving through this small market town to Slimming World HQ - an impressive collection of buildings just out of town. The fact that the company is still based here is a testament to the vision of its founder, Margaret Miles-Bramwell, who still serves as the group’s chairman. Everything happens on site – even production of Slimming World magazine, which we assumed would have been outsourced to a contract publisher.

Many of the staff here refer to the company as a family, and it certainly feels like that. Their goal is to help people lose weight and feel good, so the whole place has a rather nice vibe. James commented that where he used to use censhare to save Hearst money and cut costs, his main focus is now on what impact censhare can have on Slimming World’s members.

A New Challenge for James

James is still a Publishing Systems Manager. In short, it means he’s responsible for making sure that the right content gets in front of members at the right time to help them in their slimming journey. This is not an easy task when you consider that Slimming World has more than a million members, holds 5,000 healthy recipes in its records, and has to keep tabs on 30,000 images.

We are (of course) delighted that James brought censhare to his new role, but equally happy that it’s been embraced at Slimming World. We’ve written a comprehensive customer success story that details how the company has rolled out censhare, what steps it took, and why a phased deployment approach is paying off. You can read it here.

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