Inside censhare: ‘Work & Life 4.0’ at censhare

This week's Inside censhare comes to you from our head of People & Organization, Christina Graßel, talking about a recent event we hosted on company culture, discussing our belief in creating a holistic environment for employees.

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Christina GräßelJune 7, 2018
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This week, Inside censhare comes to you from People & Organization, as I talk about the recent ‘Work & Life 4.0’ workshop we hosted at the censhare Munich premises, focusing on the importance of company culture.

You may remember that I have featured on Inside censhare before, explaining my vision for censhare as head of its People & Organization department, so it is nice to share with you the fact that our efforts are being noticed outside of the censhare family as well as within.

We are proud of our company culture, believing in the creation of an environment in which the personal and professional lives of our employees become one way of life.

And this is why the event organizers, ALBATrosse Family Unit, reached out to me when it came to this workshop. They recognized that censhare is doing some very real and cutting-edge HR work, and would be an ideal host for this forward-thinking event.

‘Work & Life 4.0’ was organized by Rebecca Albat from ALBATrosse Family Unit and attended by HR experts representing well-known companies from all over Germany including Lego, Loyalty Partner, Volkswagen and Fraunhofer ESK.

We had arranged three experts to share their thoughts with these attendees on the topic of new work. Anna Kaiser, founder of TANDEMPLOY, spoke about job sharing, Volker Baisch, Founder of Väter gGmbH, discussed his view on a work-life balance for men, and I spoke about company culture and its importance for creating a fulfilling work environment for employees.

This topic is extremely important for us at censhare as we believe that work should be a place where you can be appreciated as a whole and as you are, not only for the work you do but also for your personal life. It is just part of our DNA to support our people in all their endeavors, be they professional or personal.

I am a huge enemy of the term “work-life-balance”. I think it is the expression of the anachronistic view that work is a bad thing that you have to somehow blend into your ‘real’ life. You should love everything you do and every second of the day you should have the feeling that you are in the right place right where you are right now regardless whether you are at work or with your family or somewhere else. I would like all our employees to have that feeling.

So although this week’s video is a little shorter than usual, I hope that you enjoy this glimpse into what we are building here at censhare, and the energy which is being created around new ways of approaching working life.

Oh, and don’t worry, the Inside censhare microphone will be safely back in the hands of Ian Truscott in time for next week’s episode!

Christina Gräßel
As Head of HR, Christina Gräßels job is to find talented people and to make sure that these people love their job at censhare as much as she loves hers. She has over 10 years’ experience in HR in the digital sector and pursues her mission every day with passion and a huge smile on her face (ok, maybe not in this picture;-)

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