Inside censhare: Wanna be a Rockstar?

In this episode of Inside censhare, we catch up with Lucy (in Rockstar crew attire), and she shares her thoughts on our sponsorship of an exciting new web publication - Rockstar CMO.

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Ian TruscottApril 12, 2018
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You may have seen on last week’s Inside censhare, which we filmed at the Online Marketing Rockstars Festival (OMR), a cameo appearance from one of my team, Lucy (who I have chatted to on Inside censhare before) dressed in, what I can promise you, is not her normal office attire.

In this episode of Inside censhare, we dig a little deeper and show the full interview in which we learn that the marketing team were doing their best to look like the crew that ensure Kanye West feels like he’s bigger than Jesus, as we had announced our sponsorship of an exciting new web publication – Rockstar CMO.

If a gentleman of my age is allowed to say the words “it’s kinda cool” then please allow me to. It’s kinda cool - it’s aimed at inspiring the next generation of CMO’s, with a no-bullshit, straight talking approach to the marketing topics of the day, that’s intended as a tonic to all the bland “me too” blah blah blah that’s being written around the industry right now.

As Lucy shares, the first issue featured a couple of folks we are a fan of here, they get backstage with Robert Rose and find out what makes him tick, Ted Rubin has a pretty stark warning for retailers, there is a fascinating piece about Dark Social that features Andre van Loon and they were kind enough to allow me to throw Agile Marketing into their swimming pool!

Whilst we are a sponsor, they have an independent editorial and judging by the first issue, they have got off to a great start. And yes, they are publishing issues, once a month, rather than a constant stream of reaction, it provides a more considered opinion on what just happened.

If that all sounds interesting, you can subscribe here and get all this lovely stuff into your inbox once a month. Yes, just once a month.

One note of caution, while we are a sponsor, the views (and some of the language used on the site) does not necessarily reflect those of censhare, but we are very happy to support those voices being heard.

Serious stuff out of the way, as you can hopefully see in the video, we have a bit of fun here at censhare, Lucy did a great job representing this new project and I’m delighted she agreed to have this new look immortalized on Inside censhare.

Enjoy the video!

Ian Truscott
Ian Truscott has a passion for creating ART (Awareness, Revenue and Trust) for B2B software companies as a marketing leader and is a censhare alumni. Wanting to connect a like minded community and share something useful, he founded Rockstar CMO, a monthly digital publication, and is currently helping B2B companies create ART at appropingo.

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