From Product To Asset – Theresa Regli on PIM and DAM

From creation to point of sale, a product generates a lot of information requiring a lot of attention. Digital Asset Management expert, Theresa Regli, explains how this product data can be turned into a marketable asset through the marriage of PIM and DAM.

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Lucy Campbell-WoodwardMarch 1, 2019
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Product Information Management

Whatever product you sell, from its point of creation until the moment it lands in the customer’s hands, it generates volumes and volumes of information. But understanding that information, controlling, maintaining, and developing it into a marketable asset, is a herculean task – if you don’t have the right systems in place.

The new whitepaper, DAM and PIM: A Match Made in MarTech from Theresa Regli, Digital Asset Management (DAM) expert and analyst, really drills down into this challenge. In it, she defines Product Information Management (PIM) in relation to DAM and explains why the marriage of these two asset management systems can create the optimal content resource.

This paper, Regli explains:

  • The definition of product data in the context of digital asset management
  • The difference between Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) and Product Information Management (PIM) tools
  • The nature of content managed by PIM versus DAM tools
  • What can be achieved by bringing DAM and PIM together to

Also mentioned is the successful use case of top Swiss retailer, Migros, who created an asset-centric network across departments and agencies, facilitating automated and accurate product content production to support communications, including regional to store-specific marketing material.

So, to find out more about marrying DAM and PIM, and how to align these data types in a key move towards successful and targeted customer communications, read the whitepaper here.

Lucy Campbell-Woodward
Lucy is Head of Marketing for censhare, and leads the global team in the aligned planning and implementation of censhare's marekting strategy. Having joined the team in 2017, Lucy has played a pivotal role in the censhare Marketing team for a good few years now, and stepped up into a leadership role in 2022.

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