The Efficient Work Environment – An Employee Essential

The causes of work related stress are many and varied, the good news is that the right technology can help to create a more harmonious – and effective – work environment.

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Morag Cuddeford-JonesJuly 11, 2023
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The causes of work related stress are many and varied, but some of the most common are feeling over worked, facing unrealistic deadlines, having a lack of control over what you do, or a lack of clarity or focus.

Challenges From All Directions

No business sets out to make their employees’ lives difficult but sometimes the way the company has grown or external influences, such as social media and the competitive landscape, can all start to pile on the pressure. Customer demands add another challenge. Expectations today include hyper personlization across all communications, enhanced accuracy across the omnichannel journey, and real time interactions. There is a low tolerance for error, with ‘item not as described/pictured’ being a particular bugbear on review sites.

Eliminating these difficulties can seem like a Herculean task. A company of any size these days will have multiple departments, multiple data streams and multiple customer touchpoints. Making sure interactions are accurate and up to date, that employees are sourcing their information from legitimate sources and meeting all the data privacy requirements can be a constant challenge.

The Helpful Hub

The centralization of content is key. Being able to access a single source of truth when it comes to any piece of data - from manufacturing orders to catalog images or social media assets - can revolutionize the wellbeing of your organization… and that of your employees.

Content hubs are vital when a single piece of information needs to be accessed by many different people at different stages during its lifetime, and for varying purposes and use cases. A single point from which assets are governed by a comprehensive set of rules, where access is regulated according to need, and which can eliminate duplication and redundancies, can have a transformative effect on individual employees, teams, and ultimately, on the business itself.

Benefits In Cost and In Kind

Financially, there are certainly benefits to the faster, leaner marketing organization that the centralization of content can produce. Swiss multiple retailer, Migros, managed to slash its hosting costs by 70% as well as reduce agency spend by 15% as it migrated its systems and databases to a single system, managing a total of six million assets, produced in four languages across 10 different regions.

However, it was another Swiss company, Vitra, which noted that, not only does a centralized system generate cost efficiencies, it also has a vital role to play in improving employee productivity and satisfaction.

We wanted to deliver faster. We wanted to deliver more reliably. That was not possible with the procedures we had in place. We had various databases and we were simply very busy with administration so we started looking for another solution,” suggests Detlev Linnenbrügger, former Head of Marketing Production at Vitra.

We have suddenly obtained a great transparency across our media assets. It’s allowed us to automate production processes with the result that our colleagues, particularly in the creative area, keep their heads clear for creative solutions and are no longer tied up with data handling,” claims Matthias Wesselmann, former head of group marketing and communications for Vitra.

So the centralization of content, product information and digital assets does not only benefit those functioning in marketing or sales roles. Such hubs are relevant across every department, as Linnebrügger adds: “The next steps for us are to roll down the system further, into other areas of the company, for instance, the shopfitting group.”

Vitra is just one of many companies using content management systems such as censhare’s to streamline their operations, lower costs, and optimize their working environments for the benefit of their employees and the quality of their work. You can read about some of these success stories – including Vitra’s – on our blog, or indeed go straight to our customer success story hub.

Morag Cuddeford-Jones
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