Effective Print Collateral For Effective Customer Engagement

Print collateral is still a powerful medium in the retail industry when it comes to engaging customers. But producing relevant, timely and personalized material to support sales can be a complex matter, presenting retailers with many challenges.

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censhare Editorial TeamSeptember 24, 2019
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Thumbing through a catalog or a brochure is still a powerful customer experience. Research shows that customers hang on to catalogs for several weeks, spend on average 15.5 minutes with them and are more likely to order more and buy again than those who don’t get published material from retailers.

However, customers are also becoming more and more attuned to more personal messaging. Retailers who want to engage them via print need to take the challenges of speed, personalization, and relevancy into account.

Utilizing the full potential of this medium therefore involves tackling a certain level of complexity, fully understanding the role of your print collateral in the customer’s entire retail experience with your brand, and a willingness to overhaul some, if not all, of your current processes in order to create an effective print collateral workflow which managed input from a wide range of stakeholders.

How To Reach Ultimate Efficiency In Retail Print Collateral Production is a censhare whitepaper which explores exactly these areas, and presents the tools and tactics needed for an effective print strategy.

Insights include:

  • Managing complexity – how to represent the huge range of product variants and information flows, both internal and external
  • Understanding the role of print – how print interacts with other channels is a vital element of an effective omnichannel strategy and getting it right means a seamless and enhanced customer relationship
  • Undertaking automation – increased automation allows retailers to take some practical processes inhouse, allowing for a more effective agency spend on creative and strategic input

You can download the paper now, or take a look at other censhare resources which might be better suited to your current marketing pain points.

censhare Editorial Team

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